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tgduffy 05-02-2016 01:49 PM

Electrical Panel Indicators?
I'm new to travel trailers and just brought home a new 2016 Forest River Salem Lite. As you enter the door there is a panel where I have lights, water heater, and water pump switches. I also have my tank status lights which I understand. It's the battery life lights that are confusing. I have 2 batteries connected together. When pushing on the single battery indicator button I'll get 1 red light for "L", 2 lights for "F", 3 for "G", and 4 for "C". What do these letters mean? I know, dumb question. I would think L was for low, maybe F for full, but the other are confusing.

clr 05-02-2016 01:59 PM

The F is Fair and the G is for Good and the L is for L. The C is either Charging or Complete I think. But while you are plugged into AC power and the converter is charging the battery you are reading the output of the converter and not the battery. That said it will always read 4 lights or Charging when you are plugged into AC power.

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