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wmtire 06-02-2016 10:18 AM

Wednesday stupidity
I pulled a real good bonehead move yesterday that ya may get a laugh out of.

I was supposed to meet my daughter after work at our favorite crawfish restaurant to enjoy some late season mudbugs. I washed up to leave when a customer/friend pulled up and offered to top off my diesel truck for free as I was getting in my truck. He does this sometimes as he has an auxillary fuel tank in his truck bed that he uses to fuel a diesel welding generator, but needs to empty this tank for some jobs. He filled up my truck till it was overflowing. It didn't take long and I was on my way.

When I got to the restaurant, they were bringing out the crawdads at the same time since my daughter had beat me there and ordered them.

As I was eating them after peeling, they just didn't taste right. They had this weird wang to them, almost kinda like they had rubbing alcohol added to the crab boil. I kept mentioning this to my daughter who said hers were fine. I grabbed some off of her tray and they too, were bad.... even though she insisted they were fine. It was bothering me to no end, as I have never gotten bad food here, and we eat there specifically because of this one cook, who we always brag on.

After eating about a fourth of mine, I started replaying in my head what could have went wrong. I then remembered my buddy overflowing my diesel tank, and I was the one who put the fuel tank cap back on, which was covered in diesel.

Yep, I didn't wash my hands after that, because I didn't go back in my shop and went straight to the restaurant and started eating right when I arrived. Stupid me.

Let me tell you now, Diesel and crawfish don't mix well....but they got better after I went to the restroom and washed the diesel off my hand.

OldCoot 06-02-2016 10:37 AM

I really don't think you're the 1st one or will be the last one to pull that stunt.:roflblack:

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