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Tirebuilder 07-10-2016 09:57 AM

Interior LED light fixture over stove
Hey, fellow campers...

Have a quick question and need some direction. 2015 FR Flagstaff 832IKBS. I have 2 circular led fixtures over my stove. One is very dim and when I removed cover saw that of the 6 (i think), tiny led's, only 2 were dimly lit. I tapped on fixture and these 2 went extremely bright and started flickers like a strobe. Another tap and they went back to dim. This fixture appears to be hard wired and no bulb to replace...only a printed circuit board with the circular led array. I looked up the part number but an unable to find this particular light. Can anyone point me in a direction where I might be able to find and purchase this fixture and also, if I AM able to procure one, could I just cut the wires above the existing fixture and re-wire the new one to these wires? I don't want to start removing panels and such to trace wires. Thanks for any and all help. Got a trip coming up and my wife...(navigator)...wants the lights over stove to work. Thanks :) BTW...the part # is RSBF3-008 12v 3w LED. Made by QAI

ShermanD 07-10-2016 11:22 AM

You may get lucky and find the LED lighting you need here.

While researching another item for our Sunseeker, A service rep told me about this site and that they offered the product I was looking for. He also said that they are a major supplier for the RV industry and that they did retail sales. Another didbit that he added was to call them to place any order because their online shipping price calculator is way off and to disregard it.

Hope this helps

If all else fails, call the RV manufacturer and ask them where you can get the part.

As far as just cutting the wires and hooking up the new led light goes. Make sure you determine the polarity of the existing wiring i.e. + and - and hook up accordingly, There may be a diode in the light fixture circuit that will protect if if it is hooked up backwards and then there might not. If there isn't and it is hooked up backwards, you could fry the new fixture.

Remember every electrical device contains "Magic Smoke" that must not be released, for if released, it will quit working.:)

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