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willgeb 07-26-2016 06:00 AM

New Cedar Creek Silverback Owner needing help
We purchased our 42 ft Silverback 37 MBH last summer. It was a dream come true until we took it on our first trip for two weeks and noticed some minor issues such as a door not closing properly, microwave rattling, and the air conditioner being noisy as well as a few other minor issues. We took it back to the dealership where we purchased it & were told they would keep it for a bit, order the parts, make the repairs and call us when the repairs were completed. They kept it for 3.5 months before my husband got fed up & went to pick it up. We used it in November for a trip to Hershey even though the repairs weren't completed. When we came back, we took the coach to a different dealership where most of the repairs were addressed, but they had it for almost 3 months as well. We are still awaiting the arrival of the new AC unit. My question is this: has anyone had a problem with the ceiling creaking when your AC unit stops running? At first I thought the sound was condensation dripping inside the duct work, but now, I am thinking it is actually a problem with the roof. The sound runs the whole length of the RV, and we have two AC Units. It really is annoying, kinda like listening to a faucet drip all night & it actually wakes me up. Any info out there would be appreciated.

aceinspp 07-26-2016 06:47 AM

Welcome to the forum. Might check the Ceder Creek thread and ask there for the info your looking for. Later RJD

SilverbackMel 08-02-2016 06:08 PM

2015 Cedar Creek 33RL. As stated, you should re post your issues under the Cedar Creek banner. We discuss issues and resolutions daily. Folks are VERY KNOWLEDGABLE AND WILLING TO SHARE INFO. Many of us have had similar issues.
My experience has been NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING!!

I am just killing time and surfing tonight. MANY folks in the Cedar Creek family are NOT!

Switch over (tip):
Breakdown your issues individually and try to explain what you are experiencing in each. Many Creekers have particular expertise.

You will not be disappointed.

crunchman12001 08-02-2016 06:39 PM

Welcome to the forums from Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

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