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Blackrock 12-22-2016 07:14 PM

Death Valley
I am thinking about a trip out to California in early January with my new gal pal. She has family in the 29 Palms/Yucca Valley area then we may head up to Death Valley for a few days.
Any hints or tips as what to expect in that part of the California high desert country in January?

ependydad 12-23-2016 12:01 PM

Not in January, but we were in Death Valley in mid-November. Day time temperatures were still decent; chilly out in Pahrump where we stayed and DV itself was nice (mid-70s during the day). Night-time temperatures were chilly- 50-ish, if I recall correctly. I'm not sure how that changes for January, of course.

I don't think I'd stay in Pahrump again if I had a choice. Nevada Treasure RV Resort was stunning and we loved it there; but the drive to the edge of Death Valley was pushing an hour. Then you had up to 60-90 more minutes depending on where you were headed.

I wanted to stay at the Furnace Creek campground where they have hookups, but happened to try to stay over Veteran's Day and they were booked up. We can't go without electric hookups (at least- never mind my issues with lack of water or sewer). So we stayed outside of the park.

If you do stay over in Pahrump, consider checking out Dublin Gulch. It is crazy to think that people lived in the caves up until 1970 or so. The garbage left behind and modern-day litter is heartbreaking.

Pics from our visit to the area:

Blackrock 12-24-2016 09:10 AM

Neat photos on your album. Thanks for the info.
I would like to stay at Furnace Creek if possible. I can boondock if needed for extended periods. Did that a lot in Alaska last summer.
We plan on going north up out of Baker, Ca. and out in to Nevada at Beatty then on down 95 to Las Vegas and on home to Arizona.

5er_tom 12-24-2016 10:13 AM

We stayed at Stovepipe Wells with full hookups in Nov. few years ago. Be prepared for the best star gazing ever. It is dark at night and the stars are brilliant.
Only issue for the several days we were there was diesel fuel was only available at one station in the valley. Oh! And it was $5.49/gal and that was in 2013.

Love my Wildcat 295RSX!

flocktothewall 12-27-2016 12:25 PM

50's at night. 70's in the day. Dry. Lots of places to camp near furnace creek if your not picky.

Furnace creek fills up quick, Texas spring also. Sunset is a parking lot but if you have an RV, it works.

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