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ejw7213 02-18-2017 11:25 AM

Work while full time
If you are a full timer which is my ultimate goal.
Do you work?
What work do you do on the road?
What do you do for cost effective reliable internet service?
How often do you move or how long do you stay in one location?
Please answer one or all of these questions and thank you.

KingFisher 02-18-2017 11:52 AM

Not really full time although we've talked about it but I've spent probably 10 of the last 12 months living in one of my travel trailers. We still own a house and land.

I'm drawing a pension but since there's so much work my union allows me to work 990 hours and still draw my pension. The work is in St. Louis so I park a trailer up there at a campground. Planning on doing this until I'm 63, another 3 years.

I own my own phone, a nexus 4, and have a cricket sim card in it. I use it as a hot spot to run my laptop. Costs me $55 per month for the phone service. I don't think they want you to use it as a hot spot but they haven't said anything to me yet.

Last year I moved my trailer to 2 different campgrounds in St. Louis, then took it home when my 990 were up. then I pulled my windjammer to Florida for the winter which is where I am now.

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