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Phoenixflyer 04-13-2017 06:22 PM

Assistance requested
I have a 2017 Shasta PhoeniX Lite 296 (5th wheel) @ 31'. I need to adjust the kitchen slide by about 4 inches. Yes, I attempted to open the slide with something in the way and now the slide is out of square. The main room slide has an adjustment bolt and nuts, but I cannot find the same adjustment on the kitchen side.......
Any assistance would be appreciated
Bob S. Torrance CA

bob caldwell 04-13-2017 06:25 PM

Got a pic? That's why I installed RF controller......Walk outside and watch....

RubyDually 04-13-2017 06:44 PM

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By looking at a picture of a Shasta it looks like your kitchen slide is a Schwintek?

If so it would be a matter of re-syncing the slide motors to line her back up. Lots of Youtube videos on how to re-sync.


Igave 04-13-2017 06:46 PM

Check your paperwork, as some of these will self adjust if you run them in and out four or five times. Worth checking.

fella10 04-13-2017 07:27 PM

search youtube, .... from the links below, choose which one fits your need, ...
Schwintek In-Wall Slide-Out System - Retiming

RV Lippert Slide-out alignment

Recentering a slideout on a travel trailer equipped with Lippert Electric Slides

Retime a Schwintek Slide

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