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Scrub175 07-12-2017 08:57 PM

Water migrating into cabinet drawers
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After washing dinner dishes I noticed a small amount of water that collected in the silverware drawer under the sink. I popped open the cabinet door on the back side of the sink and inspected the silicone sealant bead around the sink. Not the greatest of workmanship if you ask me. I only took pix of one area but assume there are similar areas where the is sealant missing or the bead doesn't contact the intended areas to be sealed leaving a gap for water to migrate.

Its going to be a pain to seal the front side of the sink for the dealer. I may get some silicone strip rolls and try to repair it myself but I still have warranty and this is something that should be addressed to my satisfaction. I did apply silicone sealant to the shower, shower spray head holder, shower head hose ring, and outdoor kitchen sink as a learning from this forum.

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2017 Rockwood 8311WS

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