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bob5560g 10-18-2017 04:19 PM

Oregon to Quartzite, AZ in January. Which route?

We live in southern Oregon and the wife wants to go to Quartsite, AZ in January for the big mineral show. I do NOT want to drive down I-5 but am unsure what to expect on alternate routes CA 395 or AZ 95 in mid winter. The rock show lasts a month and our schedule is flexible so we can easily avoid any big storm by watching the forecasts.

We normally boondock and are quite happy to do so, except this time we may need to plug in (or run the generator all night) to power the "Arctic Pack" tank heaters to avoid freeze damage. (As in the forecast overnight low is 10 as opposed to 30). So I'm not averse to staying in RV parks when needed, but would rather not.

I know that 395 runs at high elevation behind the Sierras, but I was surprised that 95 is fairly high too, as far as winter night time low temperatures.

Any locals or travelers through these areas have any advice, especially about which route to take? We'll be in our 2015 Forester MBS (W) class C motor home. There is no "basement" so the black and grey tanks are exposed, which is why they have heaters.

Chief T 10-18-2017 04:50 PM

Have you considered getting off the 5 and hopping on the 99 to Bakersfield to 58 to Barstow then 40.

Crossing the 80 to 395 or 95 can be sketchy in January.

Safe and happy travels.

babock 10-18-2017 04:53 PM

If you go 395 in January bring chains.

I drive 395 in January occasionally because I have a house in Lake Tahoe. I have only taken it a few times in winter and that is with an AWD car carrying chains.

When we picked up our trailer in Arizona, we drove by Quartzite. I know it's a popular spot for snowbirds but I sure don't know why.

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