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cruiserbill 11-20-2017 08:49 AM

Sanibel 38BQ Furnace
Hi all,

I have a strong propane smell coming from the exhaust on my furnace. It is an Atwood Hydro Flame, but I don't recall the model number. It's something like a 36,000 BTU furnace.

Also, The vents in the bedrooms and bathroom are exceptional, but the vents in the main living area hardly blow at all.

Any thoughts?


5picker 11-20-2017 09:42 AM

It's hard for us to say whether the 'strong' propane smell is normal or not.
Most R/V propane appliances do emit a bit of a smell but if you believe something is amiss on your furnace, please get it checked.

As for the ducts... it is not uncommon for shorter run ducts to have way more air flow than longer ducts. Add to that the possibility one or more of the longer ducts was crushed during assembly (common on all makes) and the fact that most of these ducts are simply flex hose and simply don't flow well on long runs.

Adding adjustable registers to some of the shorter runs may help. Just be sure you don't decrease the total airflow output of the furnace to cause overheating.

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