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BigDTx 08-02-2011 04:20 PM

Just home from Lake Livingston State Park, TX
We just got home today from Livingston SP, the family had a great time camping. Lots of fun fishing except for having to pay for river access below the dam. The Parks fishing peir worked out great as an free alternative. Grat time fishing with my daughter and wife. We spent 5 days there and we found a really good place to eat reccomended by the park staff "Florida's Kitchen" as seen on Texas Country Reporter and other TV shows. Wow what a find the "come back" BBQ Ribs fell off the bone, catfish and shrimp excellent, Chicken Fried Steak, the best I have had in years, possibley best ever. But the best part of all, desert! they offer about 15 daily items from cake to pie to banana pudding. They were sold out of Banana pudding so DW had italian creme cake, daughter had cholcolate cream pie, I had the best German chocolate cake that I have ever had and and they served the cakes warm...Huge Portions of everything, . Since it was my birthday trip had a piece of buttermilk pie to go also it was good but lemony. Well worth the 10 minute drive from the park. The Park was nice, and we had some good times!

Only down side was DW had to go to emerg clinic in Huntsville, woke up on day 4 with heavy cough and chest congestion, told her it was a virus and gave her some meds. She is feeling better now.

The Salem 29BHSS worked great as always and towing with the new TV 2003 Ford expedition eddie bower w/ factory tow package was no problem cruising at 60-65 with 9 mpg and power to pass when needed.

Equalizer performed well and we even had to lock up the breaks on the highway when an 18 wheeler was merging into traffic from an on ramp and another 18 wheeler (go figure) would not allow him to merge causing the first truck to about run off the road when he whipped it into the first lane behind the other truck and caused other cars to make immediate lane changes or lock them up! Prodigy2 worked great, TT stayed straight and anti lock kicked in on truck, we slowed from 60 to about 10 in emergency full breaking with no incident, except for my pucker factor.

Heading up to Huntsville SP in Sept and then Brazos Bend SP for the end of the year trip, Great to have a TX state park pass!

I will post some pics soon:trink39:

grhodes50 08-02-2011 04:41 PM

Good to hear your trip went well in spite of the "adventures" you experienced. Nice to have a good set up, aint it?
Good to hear your wife is feeling better. Nothing worse than getting sick while on vacation! Best wishes to her.
Have fun on your upcoming trips!

BigDTx 08-02-2011 04:46 PM

Thanks Grhodes50.

We were home about 1 hour and I had already made reservations for the next trip.

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