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Thurman 08-21-2011 01:16 PM

New (to me) Grand Surveyor
Yeeaahhiiii ! ! ! New guy from the Deep South, Albany, Ga. to be exact. Home of very hot weather, high humidity, gnats, and sudden summer thunder-storms. What the heck, it's home. So I go and buy my third camper this weekend. It's a FR, Grand Surveyor, GS291. Owner was initial purchaser, kids had grown, so now this old retired coot needs it. I have been viewing this forum for about two weeks after I decided on this FR unit, and I'm finding some very good info here. I'm sure I will have hump-teen dozen questions in due time, but as for now, I'm glad to be here. Pulling this unit home from FL., about 135 miles with an '07 GMC Sierra, 2-wd, Z -71 package and WDH was a breeze actually. My previous two units were pop-ups with the last one being a large one, but this unit pulls very nicely. :trink39:

Triguy 08-21-2011 01:27 PM


Have a great time with the new-to-you camper!

DAISY BOYKIN 08-21-2011 01:28 PM

Welcome to the Forum Thurman------
Welcome to the Forest River forum Thruman in Albany, GA. Seems you have really upgraded your lifestyle with your recent purchase. Next step is get to know it inside out. First thing is check all the tires to make sure they are road worthy. Next (if it hasn't been done recently) Repack all the wheel bearings, adjust brakes ! This is what gets you on the road and back home. If possiable, spend a couple of nights in it, in YOUR yard to see if all works, such as fridge, hot water tank, (both on ele and gas) Sanatize the fresh water system. (how long has it been setting with old water in the tank) This is a start with your new adventure:thumbsup:

Next :signhavefun:

Maybe our paths will cross some day?

Thurman 08-21-2011 01:46 PM

Thanks to the both of you. The PO recently had new tires put on this unit as they were going to a lake area in FL about twice a month. He gave me the receipt where he bought the tires as they are under a warranty. The receipt also shows that they re-packed the bearings too. The trip home was a good one, I started out pulling it the way he told me he has done this for a few years--with just the ball and sway bar. I didn't think so, and proved it was not for me. No sway, just the trailer rocking back and forth as if it were riding on train tracks. We stopped about 25 miles out to put on the DWH and all was well the rest of the way. I checked out the tanks this morning, all seemed dry as nothing ran out. I then ran the hot water faucets, WH off, just to run water through the system and put water in the tanks. I put cleaner in the toilet and ran it for quite a while to put liquid in the black tank. Then I dumped everything out so I could see what was coming out. Almost clear water with some green tint from the cleaner. The "she" seller told me she kept it clean. The fresh tank is now filled with some water and Hydrogen Peroxide in it (I don't use Clorox) just to sit a few hours, then I'll drain it, rinse it. The A/C was left on all night, too low, but works well. Fridge is washed out good, all cabinets are clean, I'm ready to take the Grandboys to a campground locally next weekend for a "shake-down" cruise.

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