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NorthernGSDs 08-31-2011 12:55 AM

Hello from a Surveyor Sport Newbie from Northern BC
Hi All,

Thought I would introduced myself to the forum :).

I just recently bought a 2012 Surveyor Sport 186. We've (DH, myself, and the 2 German Shepherds) been on one maiden weekender trip thus far and planning another for mid-Sept.

Completely new to the Rving world - it is quite an improvement over our good ol' tenting days, no doubt about it. While the new trailer is a bit small for the 4 of us (but a great match for my V6 4Runner), it actually is working out well - the table dropped down makes for a nice bed for the 2 hounds, although the one prefers to fit herself strategically between us. Given hubby is 6'4", it is a bit of a squishy sleep at times LOL.

Anyhow, nice to be here. I have a few questions I will be posting in other threads. Hope to get some input and ideas from all the seasoned folk here :).


KegStealer 08-31-2011 01:34 PM

Welcome & Congrats! My wife and I also have 186(2010). Perfect rig for the two of us & our one German Shepard. We also were tenters. However I came from a family that always had RV's. At first we towed with a Jeep Liberty but have since moved up to a Nissan Titan as we strayed further from home. We have been very happy with it. Had a few minor issues but nothing serious. This is our 3rd season with it. Please feel free to shoot me any questions.

One more thing...If you think it is squishy in the bed has your husband tried to fit in the shower? I'm 6'2" and need a shoe horn to get in there. I tend to use the bath houses when ever possible.Hope you enjoy the new rig.

NorthernGSDs 09-01-2011 02:18 PM

Thanks Keg! Really appreciate the offer and great to have someone else with a 186 to possibly compare notes with in the future :).


One more thing...If you think it is squishy in the bed has your husband tried to fit in the shower?
LOL - yes, we really were limited in terms of choices up here in Prince George and I wanted to buy locally for our first RV (other dealers with models we were interested in are ~8 hours away) since we are both completely new to the whole RV experience (including small minor repairs that would likely be needed).

So although the 186 met most of our needs on the "want list" (interior height and bed length being a big one for a small unit), the height in the shower was one that did not!

Luckily, hubby (and I) are not adverse to showering in bath houses either. For our future boondocking experiences, the outdoor shower was a decent compromise...although it might get interesting as we head out in later Sept up here in Northern BC! :eek:. At least the bathroom is big enough that he can basin wash. Either that or he may just have to hang an air freshener around his neck if it gets too cold! :D

??????? On that note, I actually *do* have a question for you if you don't mind. Are you running 2 batteries on your TT? If so, which ones and how do they fit on the tongue? Have you had to make any mods to the battery rack? Looks like ours is pretty narrow width wise with the WD hitch brackets hogging into a couple inches on either side.

KegStealer 09-02-2011 08:45 AM

Anytime Northern,

We also bought the 186 for many of the same reasons. The biggest being the permanent full size queen bed in such a small unit. I've slept on dinettes and it gets old on week long trips.

Unfortunately I can not help with your first question. There is only one camp ground we frequent that does not have any hookups at all. Usually just for the weekend.( Charleston Breachway in Rhode Island.) We can just about make it the weekend. I have a small 1000 watt Honda to charge the battery if need be. However if you do a search you will find many threads on the subject. Two 6 volt golf cart batteries seem to be the way to go if you spend allot of time boondocking.

Good Luck and you will find lots of good info on the forum. Everyone is very helpful.

NorthernGSDs 09-07-2011 10:55 PM

Thanks :)

We just got some 6 volt golf carts on (very tight fit but managed to get them to fit).

Looking forward to seeing how well they hold up overnight in the cool fall weather. We do have a 2000 watt gen as well, so we shoudl be good to go!

Cheers for now and thanks again!

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