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Jwelsh1214 06-12-2018 11:44 PM

Curious to find out
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Anyone else have an 18Ēx18Ē hole under there shower to accommodate a 6Ē p-trap that sits below the subfloor?I have a 2016 Catalina 333RETS and Iíve been dealing with the place I purchased it from and Coachmen to get the repairs fixed. Let me tell you how I come to find the hole, or basement access under the tub. After winter in mid spring I filled up my fresh water tank to flush it out. It was awkward to me as why this tank has taken more water than itís capacity. Not thinking I drain line at low point drain and redo the process. This time I look under to see if any water was draining elsewhere. Nope. Only a saggy trailer belly. So if you canít guess what happened, Iíll tell ya. The water that drained from a loose fitting at top of p-trap went straight to the belly avoiding detection of a leak; beings itís winter while the belly is taking on water, you can guess what the water did. Yep, froze and split my fresh water tank. Coachmen Customer service will swear the water should have leaked out, but there unaware the belly on mine is sealed. Yeah itís 2018 and I purchased it the end of 2015 and Iím aware the warranty has passed but come on. Look at the pics and tell me how is anyone going to see a leak when it goes to the basement. You donít have to be the head cashier at Walmart to figure that out. Iím still fighting to get it fixed; just gonna keep climbing the ladder to the top of the chain. Would like some feedback to see if others have had the same issue and what model the issue is in. Thanks

Jwelsh1214 06-12-2018 11:46 PM

Still don’t know why they post upside down ����*♂️

ramit315 06-13-2018 02:17 AM

1 1/2 yrs out of warranty you may not get much help from your dealer or FR unless you have an extended warranty. I have gotten to be a pretty good RV handy man the last 15 yrs of owning campers and a lot of things I didn't believe I could do I have mastered. Good luck I really hope you get this taking care of to your satisfaction.

youroo 06-13-2018 05:05 AM

This has been debated Many times on here! You should have noticed the "Spongy/Unsupported/" area around the Drain area way before anything else! Your Pics clearly show the "Base support Tubes" hanging in "Midair",with NO floor support under them! The Dealer should have corrected this,"Had they Known"! Many of us have corrected this "Ourselves" buy building a Bridge over the "Grand Canyon" the Factory Installer Cut for Trap install!:eek: This allows for support of the "Pan area of the Shower/Tub"! Building this Bridge and Support takes "Lots of Time and Work area is Very Small" but most would do a Better Job than most Dealers! :signhavefun: Youroo!! :us-flag-waving:

Larry-NC 06-13-2018 01:57 PM

Phone/camera upside down

Originally Posted by Jwelsh1214 (Post 1839122)
Still donít know why they post upside down ����*♂️

JPG image files include a section called EXIF--EXtra InFormation. Among other things like time, date, geolocation, etc., the EXIF can include picture orientation and camera orientation. This gives the display rendition some clue as to how to display the image. Unfortunately, sometimes the camera provider and display renderer can disagree on how to interpret the information.

The usual solution is to turn the phone/camera 180 degrees.


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