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RRGuy55 06-30-2018 03:33 PM

Installing a Thomas Payne Hide a Bed
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Today we installed our 60” Thomas Payne Hide a Bed and wanted to pass along some helpful tips if you’re thinking about getting one. If you have two really strong guys, then you can probably stop here... just pick it up, put in in the trailer and install the back and you’re done. For those of use who use the DW to pick up the “heavy end”, these steps may help. First, the couch is about 150lbs in the box, but comes in 4 pieces - two back cushions, the back and the bottom cushions, frame & sides. The cushions in the bottom are held on by pins. We pulled the pins and disassembled the two bottom cushions in about 3 min. Each of these is a “one person lift”. The remaining frame & sides are completely manageable by two, not so strong people. We put the frame in position, attaced the feet, then the back, and reinstalled the cushions. Just pay attention to how it’s installed. We had two to do it twice as we installed the bottom most upside down & backwards (really!). The new couch is 3” narrower, but I don’t think it will move. It’s much more plush than the jack knife we removed and should sleep two adults comfortably.

6CatDaddy 07-01-2018 01:32 PM

That looks great and looks super comfotable!!

Nice pics.

Hoping to do something similar when our 2109s comes in, but it has a different slide out config which I think will limit our options.


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