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Tilly 10-09-2018 11:43 AM

Chevy 4500 Sunseeker brake controller
Hi all,

I've seen a few posts of people asking where the wires are to connect a brake controller. I've torn apart all the trim and carpet on the driver's side on my 2012 Chevy 4500 chassis converted to Sunseeker 2300. I can find no blue or black wire although there are blue and black wires connected to the 7 pin plug at the back of the RV. I followed the wiring from the back to the front hwere they go into the frame and I can't see where they come out. Friends who have installed multiple brake controllers have done the same to no avail.

A mechanic looked at the brake switch and said he would not install the controller because it has a brake switch he has never seen before. I've called Chevy and they say for my VIN the 7 pin connector is not factory. I've called FR who say it came with it and they did not change or move anything. I called two Chevy dealers who say the "wiring diagram for my unit is not on the system." Called dealer I bought it from who said "two wires under the dash" which just simply aren't there. I called a trailer hitch/other install guy who said for the brake switch with 5 wires instead of standard 3 they won't even quote me a price to install it - because they will have hours tracing the wires to determine what controller I need as a regular controller will back feed and blow the computer in the engine !?!?!?!?! :crying: I called a controller company and they said they only provide the controller and can not offer any help on how my vehicle is wired.

Any suggestions? Can someone who has a controller on a Chevy 4500 please post where they found the wires to connect?

Please let me know any help or if anyone has a reputable mechanic near SE Ohio?

Thanks in advance..

Tilly 10-17-2018 06:01 AM

I've seen a number of views of this post but no replies so I figured some of the viewers may be interested in an update:

So, found someone with the courage to look at the camper. They traced the wires back and found where Forest River had spliced into the original Chevy tow package wiring but changed colors of the wires. The shop ran all new wires and stayed away from the original Chevy because the Chevy trailer light circuit is what powers the turn signals and other lights on the back of the RV and they felt too many lights would be on one circuit.

All seems to work well, but..... now my check engine light is on?????

cgarb 10-17-2018 06:36 AM

Chevy chassis work?
I am surprised you could even find a Chevy dealer to look at your MH! We just got a new 24' Sunseeker and needed the window switches repaired since the passenger side window would get stuck down and take 10 min or so to decide it could go back up.

It seems no Chevy dealer anywhere near us will look at MHs now, even though the national Chevy folks sent us to 2 of them for the warranty work. We finally talked one into looking at it, after standing there for 2 hours even though we had an appt, while calls were made all over the place. Surprised us as it did not require a lift, not an engine problem. It is being fixed and the warranty is covering it. I certainly hope we never have an engine problem that requires a lift!!! A large enough one doesn't seem to exist any where near us!

Tilly 10-18-2018 06:28 AM

It wasn't a Chevy dealer. It was a guy that converts trucks - puts different beds on them and sells commercial trailers - flat beds and stock haulers.

I call it the Goldilocks Syndrome: car dealers say it is too big and truck dealers say it is too small. ��

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