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MikeRP 01-22-2019 10:07 PM

New 34IK

Originally Posted by tcrossan (Post 2010522)
We ordered the Trailair pin box as we've used the 5th Airborne version in the past and they are very good.
We will tow with our 2012 F350crew cab, SRW with which we've been pulling our 08 Cameo.
Fuel mileage is from 9 to 11.5 depending on the terrain, wind, humidity and cruise control off. I assume the CC will be similar.

I wish I would have went ahead and got the trail air. So does the trail air cause the fifth wheel to sit higher or is the height the same as the standard pin box?

Iíll bet that Cameo was heavier than this trailer is that true?

Has anyone added a aux fuel tank?

SimchaSabre 01-22-2019 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by MikeRP (Post 2010543)
Cool are you getting a SRW or a DRW?

SRW crew. Not sure which trim yet. It will likely come down to what kind of radio we want and how many cup holders we will need.

Anyone have any thoughts on the Air suspension option. It's supposed to add stability. Is it worth the 1k up charge?

tcrossan 01-23-2019 06:40 AM

Surprisingly the 2 trailers are within 200# of each other, Cameo being heavier.
The Trail air is same height as straight pinbox. It removes the "chucking" and most of the "bucking". You know what those terms mean if you don't have one. It's an incredible difference.
I bought a 15 gal aux tank from Northern Tool years ago. It sits in behind the cab. When I stop for lunchanged or rest area n I simply use a "safety siphon" and transfer the fuel when I'm below 1/2 tank. Ez pz.
And I can just lift it out when I need to haul lumber or ???
Video of Trailair demo

SimchaSabre 01-23-2019 08:26 AM

After experiencing chucking on our great Michigan roads with our current 5th Wheel and having to do a pin box upgrade on it, we're also doing the Trail Air upgrade for our order...But after watching the Bobble Head test, I've asked for the Flex Air which adds a "MorRyde like" rubber component to the Trail Air.

spock123 01-23-2019 09:04 AM

I started out with a standard pin box on my Cedar Creek and then the factory installed a TrailAir pin box for me. I canít tell the difference in the ride. I have a B&W Companion hitch. I have a auxiliary fuel tank and I run with cruise on, tow/haul on, exhaust brakes on. I usually get 13 mpg towing with my deleted Silverado 3500. I recently helped a friend tow his camper from Quartzsite AR to North Carolina with a dually F-350 and the best we got was 9.4mpg. His camper weighs right at 18,000lbs, makes a difference, mine probably 13,000 or 14,000lbs. Empty going to Quartzsite he got 14.4 but he has a dually. I would love to get a new camper but the Cedar Creek Hathaway I want doesnít come with the rear cap anymore. Cedar Creek makes great campers and the factory has stood behind us. Iím sure you will enjoy your new camper

MikeRP 01-23-2019 02:44 PM

Thanks for the responses everyone! Looks like I got some work to do.

tcrossan 02-02-2019 08:01 AM

While we're waiting for delivery of our unit, I want to prepare any mods needed for the pad that it will sit on beside our home. I don't see those measurements in any literature.
Does anyone know what the length is from the center of the rear wheel to the bumper? I need to know if the pad needs extended.

SimchaSabre 02-02-2019 09:01 AM

I actually have that for similar reasons.

But these don't include the bumper; jut to the back of the "Box":
- Back of camper to rear axle CL = 12' 8'
- Back of camper to front axle CL = 15' 9'

Hope this helps

tcrossan 02-02-2019 09:10 AM

Amazing, the information available on this site!!!
Thanks! That helps a lot. Gotta go get my tape now and see what I have.
Wouldn't happen to have the length from the back of the box to the door would you? That in not as important to know ahead of time. Just nice to know.

SimchaSabre 02-02-2019 09:54 AM

As a matter of fact I do (Sort of):
- Back of box to left side of MorRyde Step = 16' 1.5"
- door opening width = 33"
- MorRyde Step width = 27"

Our pad is long enough, but just barely wide enough to accommodate the MorRyde Step swing radius.

We took a lot of measurements on our last dealer lot visit.

Glad they could help. Don't forget to check on the build date of your 34IK. We'll be at the plant on Fri and was told that several 34IK will be on the line at that time. One might have your name on it.

Jim34RL 02-02-2019 10:09 AM


Originally Posted by MikeRP (Post 2010545)
I wish I would have went ahead and got the trail air. So does the trail air cause the fifth wheel to sit higher or is the height the same as the standard pin box?

Both the standard and the TrailAir pin boxes are adjustable. They have similar bolt hole patterns that allow adjustment. When my Cedar Creek was delivered from the factory, the TrailAir pin box did not need any adjustment to fit the truck the height of the trailer was perfect.

tcrossan 02-02-2019 02:27 PM

Even more amazing! ��
I was assured by Angie that our unit would not be on the line that soon. She said she thought the plant would be closed at least one day due to the cold weather. She said it wasn't even on the schedule yet, although she did have our order. That was comforting!!
I do appreciate your help with all the information you've provided

MikeRP 02-04-2019 04:01 PM

Yeah is 34ik guys need to stick together! We are the little Cedar Creekers!

relliott64 02-04-2019 05:36 PM

I have been looking for a new 5th wheel for over a year now, and the 34IK is the one I think I've settled on. Mainly, its the kitchen and the bathroom that puts it over the top for me. My issue is that there is nowhere locally to see one. I can order one from Couch's but it's 4k to have it delivered to the Seattle area. Without talking prices... Any of you ever get close to Couch's pricing when ordering through a local dealer? Thanks.

Also, what is with the exterior color schemes? Some seem to be a brown color, and some more reddish brown.

MikeRP 02-04-2019 06:39 PM

New 34IK
More like Tan and Grey for the non full body paint. Thatís probably the difference I paid, but Couchís has a different business model and they donít normally take in trades unless they have a pretty sure buyer. I had a high dollar trade.

They are good folks, I know some had problems but they were more service issues and I think their new facilities were built to help that issue.

I almost bought a Wildcat about 10 years ago, same guys are there. I like consistency. Branndon was my salesman all those years.

As far as delivery, this is a bad time of year to go cross country. A buck a mile doesnít sound bad to me.

Old Bleu 02-04-2019 06:46 PM

We bought our 33IK from Couch in October, and were very happy with the trailer and the service by Couch's RV. We drove up from the Atlanta area and towed it home. They were willing to take our Rockwood Windjammer on trade, but admitted that we could probably do better selling it ourselves. I did that on RV Trader, so didn't have to tow it up to Cincinnati.

Ray, one of the Couch salesmen, does videos on the various trailers. In case you haven't seen the one on the 34IK, here is a link:

Splashes3 02-06-2019 06:07 PM

Couch's took our 2009 CC Silverback for a trade on our 2019 34RL2....sorry all you 34IK June there was no such thing as the 34IK.....we miss that window you have by the stove....oh well.

We were dealing with 2 other CC dealers....couch's offer for our 2009 was in the middle of the other two....Couch's price for the 2019 was 5K+ cheaper, even counting the trade in was a no brainer. WE enjoyed the trip from Southern MD.

I really like my 40 Gal Titan Aux tank....I just press a button and fuel is automatically transferred as I drive, 5 gals at a time. The system times out after 10min...I just press the button again.....

For those of you that can afford it, look to get disc brakes installed.

Enjoy those new CC rigs....we love yours....OBTW - we went straight from Couch's to Orvan Fry. He gave us a good look over and fixed a few future issues that will crop up in a few years.....a GREAT guy.

Hope to see you down the road,

Daycruiser 02-09-2019 03:10 PM


Originally Posted by MikeRP (Post 1983047)
Hey everyone, just picked up our new CC 34 IK. Attachment 192494

Forest River put a booth dinette in for us and it is beautiful. T

Did they charge you extra for the Booth Dinette?

MikeRP 02-09-2019 06:03 PM

Do you have the model number on your titan tank Mike? And I know I may have asked you before what truck do you have?

MikeRP 02-09-2019 06:04 PM

Hey Daycruiser - no they did not charge extra and they did a great job! We actually like the wooden table a lot. Very nice.

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