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slickskot 12-14-2018 06:03 AM

Norcold N611V only on gas?
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I have a Norcold N611V refrigerator that I want to run on gas when I'm running the camper on a generator. The problem is that it has a "auto" fridge and when I plug in power it automatically jumps to that. Anyone know of a way to run it on propane when plugged in?


Kirk S 12-15-2018 02:47 AM

Not sure about Norcold. Our Dometic allows LP only if selected.
I don't see that option in your model's manual. It only says you can turn it on auto by pressing the power switch, that it will run on AC power and switch to propane in the absence of AC and the meaning of each mode's light color.
If you're unable to manually switch to propane you may try turning off the 120 volt breaker for the fridge or unplugging it from power which may be behind the outside access panel since the propane function uses 12 volt battery power.
Please let us know how you finally solve this issue.

slickskot 12-15-2018 05:10 AM

Thanks for the reply Kirk.
My old trailer had a Dometic and you could select what you wanted to run on. I liked it alot better than this one. This model of Norcold you do not have the options to select. Although after extensive research I did see where someone said to flip the breaker switch off to the fridge, like you said. I also found one person on youtube that said to press and hold the power switch for 60 seconds and that will allow you to go form electric to gas or from gas to electric.
I dont know if this works yet but it's something to look into as there is no mention of the procedure in the manual. I am going on a early trip next year and I just wanted to be prepared. I'll do some testing and l will post back if anything works.
Again thanks for you input,

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