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desalvo55 12-15-2018 11:29 AM

Bed stuck in raised position
A bit of timeline.

When we were taking delivery of our 295QSL, the queen bed raise and lower system was stuck. Technician came in and reset the in/out positions and it worked.

Well, it work once after that. Then it was stuck in the raised position and was no longer a bed to sleep on. Frustrated I removed the plywood covers and went about troubleshooting the problem. There's power to the controller. I can get lights to blink but not giving me error codes that relate to much.

I suspected the motor. So I went to the switch and noted that there's no power at the switch. I could not find anywhere where the wires are disconnected at the bed area. My next move was to the fuse panel. I cannot locate any fuses that relate to the bed mechanism so I tested a number of candidate fuses but all were good. Breakers too have not been tripped.

So now I'm wondering 2 possible scenarios. The first is are there any other fuse locations? Second is where are all the bed connections located?

My concern too is that I did note a slight electrical smell when trying to operate bed. My initial though was that the mechanism is frozen and the motor is burned. But until I get power to the motor no way of knowing.

I'm new to the RV life and have noted in this model, a lot of little issues. Some I've fixed and some design flaws, the rest crappy workmanship. :(

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