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2ondago 12-17-2018 02:05 PM

Spectrum mobile app
I was excited to be able to get my Spectrum tv package while mobile. Sure sounded good. First time out with it and I got an SLC-1000 error code and unable to log on. It does work when parked at my home and I can log on with my iPad or iPhone when away (so I could mirror to the tv).

Spectrum says it is the tv and further said specifically the Samsung and Rocky models although my model is listed as compatible on Spectrums site.

Samsung logged onto the tv and said nope, not the tv.

Iíve read where Spectrum had underestimated the amount of traffic from streamers and the issue is their outdated equipment with lack of capacity.

Does anyone here know what the issue really is? I suspect the latter. Hate to have to mirror from devices and understand if they work, why wonít a smart tv?


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