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Bmcarmean 12-24-2018 09:11 PM

2018 Grey Wolf 23DBH Microwave not working...
The microwave in our brand new 2018 Grey Wolf 23DBH would not work at all like it had no power. This particular model is equipped with a Furrion fireplace heater in the entertainment center. There is a safety switch inside glass door cabinet that if flipped one direction allows the microwave to power up. If flipped the other direction it allows the fireplace to work. It's one or the other. They are both wired to the same circuit and cannot handle both appliances drawing amps at the same time!
Save yourself some time and don't do like I did!
I did everything trying to solve the microwave problem. I mean everything!!! Checked breakers, outlets, traced wiring, to no avail. I called the dealership to schedule appt. as they could not figure anything out over the phone. I finally figured it out by tracing the wiring to that particular switch. I called them back and told them for future reference please inform new owners of this safety switch as it will prevent alot of headaches and wasted time!
Hope this post helps others.

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