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Sagecoachdriver 04-19-2019 08:15 AM

Renogy LiFePO 170 ah Battery
Has anyone replaced their 2 Group 27 batteries with one of these. I know there are 30 less amps than going with 2 group 27's, but is there really an need for those extra 30 amps since the Lithium battery can be discharged down to 100% and the flood only to 50%. Savings of $300 and 15 lbs over 2 Lithiums. I'm just bringing this up because my step battery compartment is very very tight with the shunt for my Battery monitor and it would have to be moved. I normally use between 45-70 amp draw per day dry camping.

thecastle 04-30-2019 08:14 AM

The group 27's are closer in size to the 100ah renogy's.

But I can say I switched, they work great! I replaced 4x golf cart batteries rated at 430ah/s. To 2x 100ah renogy's as you can generally only extract 50% of your lead acid batteries capacity (my case 215ah/s) without significantly reducing the duty cycle of lead acids.

Only you'll know if the reduction in capacity is a problem. Measure your actual usage and then determine if one 170ah batter is correct. I think the 170 is a different physical size then the 27.

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