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damauldin 11-13-2019 09:04 AM

Winterizing Geo Pro 19BH
First timer winterizing here, so I'm going to explain what I did and you guys tell me if I did it right.

1. First, drained all the tanks (fresh tank, gray and black tank)
2. Took plug out of water heater, drained it, and left plug out
3. Used air compressor at around 35-40psi and hooked to city water inlet
4. Pressurized system, and opened kitchen faucet, tub faucet, and outside shower MULTIPLE times, over and over, first cold side, then hot side.
5. Pressurized MULTIPLE times until nothing but air came out.
6. Bypassed the water heater, then put about 4 gallons of the pink/red stuff in the fresh tank
7. Turned on pump and pumped until it came out both the hot and cold sides of the sink and the tub, the toilet, and the outside shower. Let it run until the air bubbles stopped spurting out, until it was just a solid pink stream coming out.
8. And I had removed the outside shower head and inside shower head (no place for water to collect?) so it was just a hose with no end on it
9. Poured about a quart down sink trap and a quart down the tub
10. Poured about 2 gallons down toilet, and then poured about 2 cups in the toilet

Anything else I could've done or should've done?
Any and all advice is welcome! Thank you!

MillMitch 11-13-2019 09:26 AM

I would probably drain the FW tank. I've winterized twice now through the FW tank, but finally bought a bypass kit and installed it so I could pull antifreeze into pump directly from bottle. Clean the system really well with a bleach/water mix in the FW tank in the spring. Did you drain the hot water heater after you bypassed it? I would check that just to make sure you blew all the water out, probably not possible if cold water comes in bottom and hot goes out near top.

NJKris 11-13-2019 10:06 AM


6. Bypassed the water heater, then put about 4 gallons of the pink/red stuff in the fresh tank
Wrong. You should not have put antifreeze in your fresh water tank. There is a port/valve on the hose coming out of then fresh water tank you should have connected to a section of tubing, which you dip into the jug of antifreeze. When you turn the pump on, it would have sucked the antifreeze directly from the jug into the lines.

I choose not to use antifreeze in any of my lines, only the drains. I replaced the anode rod in the hot water heater after draining, or the compressed air would just rush out of the hot water heater when blowing out the lines (unless you closed hot water heater bypass valves).

The toilet flush valve took the most time to get all the water out, as did the outside shower.

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