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Reprise 11-19-2019 02:55 PM

Bike racks
Wondering who has a bike rack, and how it's mounted (rear / front). Leaning toward a tongue mounted system, vs. a rear hitch mount. Or, if you just throw the thing in the bed of your pickup, that's OK, too.

Recommendations (either for or against a particular make / model) are appreciated.

As far as # of bikes I'm looking to carry - 1 to 2, max. Flexible on budget, but don't want to spend > $500 on a mounting system, either.

I do have a hitch mount rack, btw, that I can use when I'm not trailering, so I'd only need the rear hitch, if I went that route.

Lt58DMTP 11-19-2019 03:21 PM

Bumper Mount
Sir, I purchased a bolt on 2" receiver for the rear bumper & mounted a commercial 4 bike rack for less than $250. The only issue I ran into was that the rear bumpers are not quite as stout as you would think, I cranked down on the 4x mounting bolts pretty good & crushed the bumper enough my dump hose wouldn't come out.

bikendan 11-19-2019 03:50 PM

There are literally thousands of posts about bike racks here, since it's discussed constantly.
That said, I would never put my bikes on the rear of my trailer and where I can't see them. But my bikes are more expensive than most people's.
Normally I just put them in the Truck bed, under the bed cover. If I can't do that, I have a 2 bike Swagman folding rack that mounts to the rear step bumper ball. It holds the bikes high enough to clear the propane tanks, when turning. If I couldn't do that, I throw some old blankets over the bikes and put them in the trailer.
If I decided to go with something on the A-frame, I'd go with the Stromberg Carlson Bike Bunk:

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