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Wodstock 05-01-2020 10:52 PM

2020 Nano 187RB mods
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We have done a bit on our travel trailer. Just to possibly help with ideas....Attachment 228089 power tongue jack with coverAttachment 228090
Re soldered and fixed bad ground connection - tv stopped working Attachment 228091 Command hook behind toilet for broom Attachment 228092 denatured alcohol to clean ceiling marks Attachment 228093 Bed lift kit installed and frame of the box and top reinforced Attachment 228094 Latch for bed so it doesnt magically open Attachment 228095 homemade wooden leveling blocks Attachment 228096 a flexible nozzle for bathroom sink - may change the faucet out in future Attachment 228097 put in led lights all around the outside of the trailer Attachment 228098 white led strip in pass through storage

Wodstock 05-01-2020 11:03 PM

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Attachment 228099 added light and switch for turning on to see before entry into trailer Attachment 228100 added a dometic cover - not the proper one for the fan but the 1400/q1450 cover doesnt seem available anywhere so needed to drill holes to do so Attachment 228101 cleaned the roof put on a cloth ac cover and a maxx air cover for the fan in the bathroom Attachment 228102 wire loom inside and outside of the trailer and cleaned up as many wood shavings as we could find - holy crap was there alot Attachment 228104 telescoping ladder for getting on the roof in a emergency - obtained Attachment 228105 drilled holes in battery box and added feet and relocated battery box Attachment 228106 changed out the ch751 locks Attachment 228107 sanded and repainted the bare metal on the frame Attachment 228108 added leveling gauges - still work to do on this, foam moves easily so need a different adhesive Attachment 228109 mounted the tv in the correct location - this was a headache they relocated the mount and the sticker was in the wrong place

Wodstock 05-01-2020 11:18 PM

2020 Nano 187RB mods
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Attachment 228113 added a spring strut to keep the overhead door open Attachment 228114 added support to the steps and put on carpet for the steps - we needed to add wood at bottom to the feet painted black due to power tongue jack Attachment 228115 added a little latch to open the doors rather then needing to keep opening slide cover Attachment 228116 brake controllers and brackets added to tow rigs Attachment 228117 created a jumper wire to turn on lights at campground Attachment 228118 added a bar to the door for pushing/pulling

Wodstock 05-01-2020 11:27 PM

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Attachment 228119 we will be adding the laminate to the glass cabinets inside, cut to size just waiting for warmer weather

Wodstock 05-01-2020 11:53 PM

2020 Nano 187RB mods
Seeing as we just got the trailer mid march we are making headway. Wondering if theres other mods that people did to try and make their trailer a home away from home.

I did some accent decorating with linens and used liners in the cabinet to prevent items from slipping, we added fabric clothes shelf in the compartments that would have had us hanging our clothes got plastic totes for all the cabinets so things are not rolling around. We added a paper towel holder on the wall - we will not leave paper towel in it while traveling not installed on a stud (its really light) and don’t want it to unravel when driving. We also added a spare tire cover and changed the shower head immediately upon the trailer coming home. Also, added a 2 inch foam topper to the mattress and got the mattress inside a mattress protector to prevent the plywood from killing the mattress sooner then desired.

We are adding a battery disconnect switch this weekend. Wanting to upgrade solar but solar on the side was removed because we have the solar panel on the roof. So still need to figure out those logistics as to how to have a relocable panel, what type and if the controller there is enough. Among other things in regards to solar.
Hoping to get a second battery soon, or will get 2 and a dual battery box when this battery dies
I want to add 12x12 adhesive tile around where the stove is, just having issues deciding what i want.
I have yet to determine a toilet paper spot or mounting location

Wodstock 05-02-2020 10:11 AM

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Attachment 228134 we were concerned thinking the windows inside were glass. We put a frosted glass sheet over it. If it breaks its held together more. Things we learned, any bends will show and be impossible. (Almost) to get out. The silicon around the window is sloppy and the film does not adhere well when it is on it. I highly suggest supporting the glass when squeegeeing the film.

Wodstock 05-02-2020 10:13 AM

Next step battery disconnect, and filling holes on battery cover. Enough holes elsewhere and it keeps getting wet inside from the rain. Atleast now it can drain. Eventually dual batteries...

Wodstock 05-02-2020 06:07 PM

2020 Nano 187RB mods
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Attachment 228168 painted above and below the doors remounted and cleared the debris in them - one hinge was backwardsAttachment 228169 testing charger station

Wodstock 05-02-2020 06:16 PM

2020 Nano 187RB mods
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Attachment 228170 pulled out generator will be testing later. Crappy jumper cable and funnel is broken Attachment 228172 cleaned glass Attachment 228173 corrected plug Attachment 228174repainting bottom of door and top Attachment 228176 a little adapter for the sink - until hubby decides to change sink Attachment 228177 added battery cut off and caulked to avoid water getting in Attachment 228178 added grip to the mat Attachment 228179 adding things to make it more like home Attachment 228180

kellydthompson 05-02-2020 06:34 PM

Great job on the mods. I think I will steal the bathroom broom mod. Never could figure out a good place for a broom. Could you take a better picture that shows how you connected the gas strut to keep the cabinet door open? I was wanted to that but the struts I bought needed to be recessed in 1/4 inch but the frame of the cabinet was not thick enough.

Wodstock 05-02-2020 06:56 PM

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Attachment 228184 purchased this kit. Dependent on bed, you select a model Attachment 228185 left side of the bed Attachment 228186 right side - we initially forgot to put the panel on - ditzy us. But there’s benefits, we wouldn’t have this pic otherwise. Attachment 228187 heres the top we reinforced top as well. Essentially everything was reinforced using 1x2 and two 2x2 and then creating the rectangle at top.

We also used wood glue in conjunction with the screws. All the screws for the top have head on the top of the wood for the bed we added washers , bolts were on the underside. Does that help?

Wodstock 05-02-2020 07:01 PM

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Just saw you said the cabinet. Attachment 228190 Attachment 1

Wodstock 05-02-2020 07:04 PM

2020 Nano 187RB mods
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[QUOTE=Wodstock;2317236]Just saw you said the cabinet. Attachment 228190 Attachment 228193

These are the struts : RV Designer H277, Door Support Strut, Plastic, Spring-Loaded, 6-1/4 inch, 2 Per Pack, Cabinet Hardware

Hopefully this helps...

Wodstock 05-04-2020 02:51 PM

5 Attachment(s)
Attachment 228340 added thermometers to fridge n freezer

Attachment 228341 horrid draft kinda makes sense esp seeing this (not going to add all the pics) , but the insulation is kinda thrown and worthless. Attachment 228342 beautiful framing job too. Attachment 228343 start of the fix is going to be hiding any additional insulation we need to add Attachment 228344 size view of the 3m gasket now in less then a hr we go to the store again for the trailer

Wodstock 05-04-2020 02:55 PM

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Attachment 228345 an addition to the trailer and family - only took a month to get but yay Attachment 228346ice

Wodstock 05-05-2020 11:32 AM

3 Attachment(s)
Attachment 228422Attachment 228423Attachment 228424

Added solar light, changed adapter being used for testing purposes (added a cut glove to keep rain off connection - any better ideas? Also, next hunny do list is fixing the nose cap shade so it goes all the way down. Also, he wants to find a way to address rattling sound from speakers.

Wodstock 05-05-2020 02:06 PM

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Attachment 228438Attachment 228439Attachment 228440Attachment 228441Attachment 228442Attachment 228443Attachment 228444Attachment 228445Attachment 228446Attachment 228447

Beautiful through hole cutting. We added extra seam tape to fix the issue with the holes being able to be seen under the control switches. Also added some to the access panel directly beneath the shower. Last thing we want is that to get drenched and warp that thin material. Unless we find some other access panels that will do better throughout the trailer.

Jay2504 05-05-2020 03:39 PM

Wow. That is a lot of good mods for me to steal! Can you please post more detailed pictures of the broom set up in the bathroom? Is that some sort of command hook? Thanks in advance. Jay

Wodstock 05-05-2020 04:01 PM

2020 Nano 187RB mods

Originally Posted by Jay2504 (Post 2318903)
Wow. That is a lot of good mods for me to steal! Can you please post more detailed pictures of the broom set up in the bathroom? Is that some sort of command hook? Thanks in advance. Jay

Yes, thats exactly what it is, a command hook. Reading around gotta be careful with the hooks. Some people have had them fall off and it kinda pulls on the wall paper/backing.

Command Broom Gripper, White with Grey Band, 3 Grippers

Reverse_snowbird 05-05-2020 04:36 PM

Really cool mods. You've been busy.

Does the cat travel with you or is it just supervising?

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