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8022 05-10-2020 10:11 AM

Pulling a car trailer
I have a 2019 Sunseeker 3010 DSF.
Around 33ft , v10 gas.
Curb wt around 12,500 , tongue capacity 500 lb
Trailer wt 7500, 22,000 gvr total.
I want to tow a u haul car trailer / 2019 outback
3950 curb wt.
I suspect I would be at a total weight of 20,000 lbs fully prepped and loaded.
Not sure of trailer wt but it's aluminum.
An 18 foot steel trailer is around 2500 lbs
I suspect that by positioning the vehicle I can get close to the tongue weight limit and I would be under the7500 lbs limit at around 6000 lb.
I wondered if any one has any experience towing with similar vehicle weights, total weights and engine power.
I would like to run around 60 - 65 mph
This will be our first time out.
Planning the Grand tour of the NW and/ Alaska thru Canada depending on Shirona or just all the NW. Have about 6 weeks. Heading out last weekend in August.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

DougW 05-10-2020 10:49 AM

We have he same engine in our class A, our car trailer is 1,500lbs empty (all aluminum 18’) the car is about 3400 so we are certainly over 20,000 going down the road. The engine does pretty good at moving us along, I run no more than 65 and it does fine unless climbing a hill at which point is likes to downshift for more power. The 3010DS we had drove better than this class A so with a bit of caution and common sense you should be OK.

8022 05-10-2020 06:54 PM

Great, thanks for the reply. I'm trying to talk myself into dragging the car with us.

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