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Terri H. 05-14-2020 06:41 PM

Pursuit MH leak
We have a 2018 coachmen Pursuit, and right after we got it we had quite a bit of water in the coach under the driver and passenger seats. We took in , they said they fixed it, was something on the drivers side. Still had some minor water problems, but they couldn’t find anything , then it went away. Now it is out of warranty, and I just found water leaking in the front on top of the first basement basement compartment. We did find rust up there. Any ideas?

DogMan635 05-24-2020 11:09 PM

I'm no expert here but I'm thinking that if you had it repaired while underwent and is still having issue can it not still be repaired? What happened to the lemon law?

dfriges 06-04-2020 10:19 AM

pursuit 29ss Took unit in over 5 different times to fix raib water leak, Water came inside from under front of slider and migrated behind the seats to door steps. It didn't matter if slider was in or out. Every time we took it in, they said it was coming from the front window of the slider and that includes taking it back to the factory. Every time they said they tested it an it was fixed. WRONG. Now out of warranty. Went to lemon lawyer and they suggested take it to a collision repair to see if they can fix it. Don't have the unit back yet but he found the pan under the refrigerator is supposed to drain out fridge water and any rainwater out of the unit. It only accepts so much water then will overflow into the coach. He warned me if the coach is parked with the passenger side very low, it will still leak.

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