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brmahoney 06-01-2020 10:12 PM

Wetsanding & Waxing -2018 FR3
I purchased a new 2018 FR3 DS30 model in August 2017 & I now have SEVERE fading of the "gel coating" finish areas that include the front & front crown of the RV ( I live in Vero Beach, Fla which has not helped the situation I guess). Can anyone suggest remedies to correct this situation? My RV local maintenance shop (excellent I might add) has suggested they could "wet sand" + wax these areas to restore the finish. Incidentally, I was not informed by the the RV Dealer that this would be an issue only 2.5 yrs after I bought the FR3 (Oh live & learn). Any suggestions/direction? Thanks

Dwilcox 06-02-2020 03:44 PM

Do a search for "Cap Fade" you will have days of reading. From what o get out of it is the permanent solution is to get it painted. I have the same issue on a tt and I am polishing and waxing. Lasts less then a year.

Riccochet 06-03-2020 07:58 AM

I used Pro-Tec Nu Paint Moisturizer and a yellow foam cutting pad. Then used Pro-Tec Sealant with a red waxing pad. It was a LOT of work, but 90% of the fading is now gone.

I would avoid wet sanding. There's not a lot of gel coat on these rigs.

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