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timeout62 03-23-2012 12:24 PM

Power Slide
I just purchased a 2008 forest river sierra 301 BHD used. The rear slide is not retracting all the way at the bottom. It is out about 3 inches at the bottom and about 1 inch at the top. Will this be an issue to transport to a dealer about 100 miles away? Since i purchased out of state the trailer is in storage currently and we are going to pick it up in two weeks. I am not sure if it could damage the slide since it is not seated all the way until we get it to a dealer for repair. My only other option is to try to pay for a mobile service call to see if the repair can be done. I am not to comfortable doing it this way since i would not be around to see what the issues were and whether i am being charged what the actual repair cost would be. Any thought would be appreciated. Also is there a manual way the get this to fully retract?:o

Herk7769 03-23-2012 12:41 PM

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While I am not familiar with your specific camper, I have to hazard that there has to be a manual retraction process for every slide. Some are more obvious than others.

While I finally found out how my main slides worked using the crank; the bedroom wardrobe slide's cable system took a while longer.

Here is the info on the slides I have. NOTE: For the bedroom slide, a special tool that should have been in a drawer is required. It looks like a flex extention for a power screwdriver and except for the hex socket on one end; it is.

I would also have to remove the fabric covered trim above the slide to access the back of the motor.

timeout62 03-28-2012 08:34 PM

thanks for your help and the instructions i am sure this will give me a good starting point once i get the sierra out of storage next week.

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