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RN_EMT-P 07-05-2020 11:49 AM

Slide Roof Buckling & Water Intrusion
I purchased our MH new in 2018. Shortly after purchase I noticed occasional puddles on the floor on the front corner of the main slide. This occurred when the slide was closed. I took it to the dealer who identified a torn seal. That was replaced under warranty in 2019. After that I started to notice bubbling of the paper coating on the interior top wood trim piece starting at the center of the slide.
Last week while camping we had some very heavy rains during which we had a constant stream of water pouring from the center of the slide top onto the floor and furniture. I had to retract the slide to stop the leak (noting a lot of water had pooled on the topper) and toweled the water off the slide roof. Upon inspection I noted that the seals seemed to be intact but the slide roof is buckled in several places and water is seeping under the seals at those points. The buckling is in waves perpendicular to the main wall and seems to be ducting water inside. The interior upper trim wood is ruined now but I see no other obvious damage inside.

I contacted Forest River and they have agreed to cover the repairs Thank you FR!). In anticipation of a visit to the dealer for an assessment of what repairs may be necessary my questions are:
1 – Is the slide roof buckling abnormal? (I’ve not seen pictures of this on the web but I’m new to this too)
2 – Is the slide roof buckling an indication of water intrusion into the slide roof itself or is it simply a causative factor?
3 – I noticed that the trim rail on the bottom of the outer slide wall is loose. Upon inspection I found several screws that have corroded into non-existence and others that seem to not be holding well. I can understand water maybe pooling in that railing since there seems to be nothing to seal it where it contacts the outer wall but should I be concerned about water seeping down the inside of the outer wall?
4 – Can anyone suggest a temporary way to prevent further intrusion (other than retracting the slide whenever it rains) since we are on the road for another month?

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