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txredfish 07-18-2020 12:40 PM

Slide out adjustment
My TT has a Lippert gear type slide out. The slide is hitting the floor on the front part of slide when coming in. The last foot coming in, is scratching the last foot of the floor. On the rear part of slide clears by 1/2 inch at the same point. When adjusting, is it best to adjust vertical while slide is in or out or at the point of where the slide touches the floor? The slide is also making a rachiting noise the last foot. Not the same noise at the end when coming in.

Bama Rambler 07-18-2020 01:42 PM

It doesn't matter whether you adjust it when it's in or out. just adjust it and then run it in and see if it's still dragging. If it is adjust it a little more. The issue with adjusting it with it in is trying to lift the room. With it out you can block up under it and use jacks to raise it a little.

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