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mccoydawn 07-20-2020 09:55 PM

Forest River 29bud pros and cons
We found a 29vbud and fell in love with the floor plan, interior design, amenities, but we cannot find any reviews. Anyone have any?

glwhitetail 07-21-2020 09:42 AM

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Love ours! Have been out on 2 trips with it so far, taking it back out this weekend.

Only issue I have had with it was a broken water line. The city water inlet, the shoved the hose in thru the side of the camper and it scraped the outer sheath of the hose. Broke the 2nd day of the first trip. Hose mender got us up and going again.

Tons of storage in the front cargo area, put some hooks in the upper supports to hang some smaller stuff and found some totes to organize my other stuff (electrical, sewer, and water)

Kids love the bunk area. Have not had the in-laws camp with us yet but pretty sure they will appreciate having a queen bed instead of a small full size bed. We mounted our old camper TV (27") in there and they can watch a show with the door shut and its... QUIET!

TV WALL WILL NOT FIT A 55" like claimed! Ended up getting a 40" and an adjustable arm mount from home depot. Between the TV and mount. there is like a spare inch between the TV face and the slide wall when in. 55" TV would have hung over the wall in the entryway and the hall to the bathroom by 4 inches on each side! So it fits, but doesn't fit...

I have not used the griddle.. just seems too close to the fridge. Going to remove that and put in shed. I have a Blackstone 22" that i hook up to that line with a 12' hose that I grill on anyways so no loss there. Just extra outside storage to be gained there.

The outdoor fridge bites.. Haven't figured out how to keep the inside shelf from falling out. and seems the best way to go is have it empty for travel and load when you are set up.. So crap doesn't spill all over when you open the exterior door.

Bed room:

Has enough room to get dressed and lots of storage. Have not measured yet, but has a short queen mattress in it. If it clears, a regular queen is going in. Can access some pass thru storage from below the bed.


has ample space for getting dressed and everything you need to do in there. The shower is great as well. Decent storage in here as well. Have to be perfectly level to drain shower properly (like any camper)

Main Living Area:

The adjustable U-Dinette and couch is great for rainy days. Lights in this area are not on switches. They have to be individually turned on by a button on each light. Kids cannot reach them (that is a pro and a con)

Lots of pantry storage and a ton of storage all over with the totes that they included under the dinette seats, couch and cabinet in the bunk room.

Bunk Room:

sleeps 4 with 2 bunks and queen bed. When bunks are up, windows are blocked.. We have had 4 kids on the bunks at the same time.. no issues. Windows are a little hard to reach without standing on couch. Kids have not complained about bunk pads. Wife has complained about bunk pads because she cannot find sheets for them.

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glwhitetail 07-21-2020 09:54 AM

By the way, we came from a small tt hybrid so we doubled our sq footage for a trailer with this upgrade.. Our views might be skewed slightly! lol

Todzilla 09-19-2020 02:19 PM

I was beginning to think we were the only ones! We picked up our 29vbud last month and went straight from the dealer to the camp site. I agree 100% with your review, even the issue with the water line. Although ours was the black tank flush that did not get connected! We are back out next month and hope all goes well. The only CON that I have is that its THIRTY SIX FEET LONG!!! As the driver I would have done different, but I am just the driver and not the Boss!![emoji16] happy camping!!

Todzilla 09-19-2020 02:23 PM

We moved up from a popup, which we loved!!! So I assure you our review would be skewed!

glwhitetail 09-25-2020 08:50 AM

End of season review... Love it. Pulls great on the expressway and highway. Easy to maneuver even though its overall length is almost 37' long! Plenty of storage and room.

Will be winterizing in the next week (still looking at one more possible trip, then will be towards eom october). Only complaint i have is the shakeyness of it with the kids in the bunks, even with the strongarms.. but something that length i am not surpised.

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