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shopinful 08-12-2020 11:44 AM

Insurance on Class C
Any recommendation on good RV insurance for Class C. We currently have State Farm and not sure if we could do better or not. Anyone have any complaints that has actually had to put a claim in with State Farm? I feel I probably want to stay away from Nation General since they are related to Good Sam?

And is it worth the different in cost to go with the value or replacement value? And what difference in price would make it a good deal?

BehindBars 08-12-2020 04:04 PM

The 2020 class C motorhome added on our car policy costs around $200 annually. If the particular insurance company (and state you live in) allows it, adding the RV to a car policy is probably less expensive than a standalone RV policy.

Insurance premium comparison between two parties is tricky. One party might pay 10 times what the other pays due to garaging location, claims experience, age, credit score, etc. It will take some effort, but I suggest contacting 5 to 10 companies and get comparison rates.

If the premium is reasonable, replacement cost coverage on a new unit is a good idea since RVs depreciate so rapidly.

CobraVin 08-15-2020 07:53 PM

Our 2012 Sunseeker 2250s has been about $350 a year through Progressive. We have NJ Manufacturers for our cars but they won't cover rv's. I think Geico was about the same but I have Progressive for my motorcycle also so I just went with them. Everything is expensive in NJ.

CedarCreekWoody 08-15-2020 08:23 PM

In Texas I'm paying almost $1,000 on a 5th wheel trailer with a $1,000 deductible! This is through Progressive, where I also insure two vehicles and two boats. Your rates sound incredibly low (and good!) to me.

johnlantz 09-03-2020 09:51 PM

I'm paying $280 a year from Progressive. It includes road side assistance. Also getting a discount because it's bundled with auto and home.

Reverse_snowbird 09-04-2020 01:54 AM

We went with Good Sam and National General because it was a new rig and they had a replacement policy. We had State Farm on our tt, but their rates went sky high. We put that tt on our National General policy for not a lot of money. We have State Farm for the cars.

mariawrn 09-14-2020 11:07 AM

We pay $629 for insurance. We are permanently parked on private property. Seems high to me.

wanderingbob 09-29-2020 05:58 PM

Buy insurance from a company that you can speak to a human quickly ! National General , it will take fifteen or twenty minutes to get thru their switchboard .

Iggy 09-29-2020 06:28 PM

Please clarify what level of coverage you have.
Just talking dollars doesn't tell how much coverage you bought and how much is your accident damage coverage, deductable and medical as well as comprehensive as well as your age and state you live in.
Oh is the rig covered for replacment cost or bluebook value.
All this makes a big difference in cost.

My 2012 Georgetown in Arizona costs $800 a year.
I'm 70 years old and my cars are another companies policy.
50/100/50 with replacement cost (not bluebook) of the rig and I have $1000 deductable plus a lot more stuff on the policy. Glass replacement personal effects loss, etc.
GoodSams/National General

emm-dee 09-29-2020 06:36 PM

Contact FCIS agency in Forest City, IA. 800-331-1520. They have several folks there that specialize in all types of RV insurance. My rate is just over $900 a year but that’s for high liability numbers, $500 deductible, and full replacement value for the first five years. After that it pays the exact amount, including taxes, that I originally paid for the Forester. No depreciation ever.

Rate also includes zero deduct for windshield and awning replacement.

X12AEsq 09-29-2020 07:05 PM

I have all of my insurance at USAA, except lines they don't offer. They have negotiated with Progressive to lay off their RV risk. Before our (very recently purchased) Isata, we had two class As with them. The first one was destroyed completely when the storage facility where we kept it burned to the ground. Progressive handled the entire claim process, start to finish, painlessly. Our coverage was sufficiently comprehensive to allow us to replace the lost coach with a twin (hence the second class A).

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