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SteveE9C6 08-31-2020 11:55 AM

Slight delay in taking delivery 2020 345RLX
We were to pick up 2020 Luxury 345RLX today but dealer just phoned. The Onan 5500 generator is sitting on the delivery truck which has a broken down lift gate. It weighs 279 lbs but exceeds 300 lbs in shipping crate.
They are installing my B&W Companion RAM OEM Puck hitch and the three camera wireless Furrion system today. We will do our walk thru this afternoon. The dealer threw in 2 batteries....
We will not pick up RV today. The gen is set to install tomorrow morning. This is a cash deal and I have a cashiers check. I won't give them the check until we actually take delivery tomorrow.

They also gave us an aluminum tripod stabilizer....

Guess I will buy a few other items today...
adapter for 50 -30 and 30 to 15 amp (our storage facility)
Water hose
Sewer hook up hose kit.
Wife wants a DISH system.... will look.

We still have some items we used in our prior DP. I have the 2 bike rack that plugs into the reciever hitch, outside carpet, chairs, folding tables. ETC.
I will need to look at the grill that comes with the unit. I have a very nice propane portable grill already that we used with our DP.

I want to install an accessory fuel/tool box but don't have time before we leave this Friday. Will have to make do with the 32 gallon tank. ( I have been assured that there is room in my long bed to install this even with the Companion non slider OEM puck system hitch.

I have a lot to learn about 5th wheels. I have over 50k miles driving a 40 ft DP and probably about 5k miles towing a TT in the past. But I have never towed a 5th wheel.

2020 Cardinal Luxury 345RLX
2020 Ram Longhorn Diesel 3500 DRW

TheWolfPaq82 08-31-2020 12:03 PM

Dealer doesn't have a Fork Lift to unload a crate ? Nah.....ain't buying what they're tell ya.

SteveE9C6 08-31-2020 12:15 PM


Originally Posted by TheWolfPaq82 (Post 2403517)
Dealer doesn't have a Fork Lift to unload a crate ? Nah.....ain't buying what they're tell ya.

Just what they told me... I'm not taking delivery or paying until it is installed. I don't know where it was coming from. The truck is not here.

SteveE9C6 08-31-2020 07:21 PM

Did our walk through and discovered that stove ignition was faulty.
They demonstrated the unit and I took videos. They installed the companion puck hitch and the Furrion 3 camera wireless system.

We did not take delivery and did not pay for unit. The generator was ordered Thursday and is coming to Houston. The story of a broken truck is bogus. Someone did not complete the purchase order. It is on the way. However, it may be Weds or Thursday to get installed. Thatís fine. We wonít pay until it is installed and running.

Crap happens with RVís and I understand.

We dropped another few dollars on surge protector, water pressure regulator, hoses, drains, chocks, chemicals, etc.

Trying to get aux diesel tank/toolbox but will have to wait.

djousma 09-01-2020 02:09 PM

I personally wouldnt waste the time on a pinbox tri-pod. there isnt any need for it. Just gonna take up space in your garage....

Automatic satellite dish is on my list too. :)

jacknife 09-22-2020 11:44 PM

That factory bike rack is junk . Get a real hitch put on . Speaking from experience .

Astrodave20 09-23-2020 05:37 AM

Look at the Curt bike rack, I use one on my 2021 CC 33ik. works great

djousma 09-23-2020 10:00 AM


Originally Posted by jacknife (Post 2419332)
That factory bike rack is junk . Get a real hitch put on . Speaking from experience .

+1 on that. There is so much flex in it that was afraid that a couple bikes would shear it right off. I had a metal fabricator make me a new one with a standard insert size instead of the 1 1/2. Then bought a nice swagman RV rated platform bike rack.

I've been told the reason they put such a flimsy one on is so that folk arent tempted to tow a boat or something.

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