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wdweldon 09-18-2020 04:50 PM

Manual for Berkshire
Where can I locate the operation manual for our 2014 390FL?

cboss 09-18-2020 05:07 PM

I'm not sure about Class A motorhomes, but most TT, Fivers, PUPs, etc do not come with an Owner's Manual. You will see this many times on the forum.
However, you can find manuals for almost any appliance, electrical part, etc for your coach on line or a search on this forum.


CAT-RN 09-18-2020 05:15 PM

Your best manual might just be this forum. Lots of us Berkshire owners on here.

Pretty easy to ask a question here. Probably get a better answer than any manual.


dave-g 09-19-2020 04:32 AM

1- go to forest river web site and down load what they have.


million hours of hard work was put in to this manual.

tons of info-again members helping members

Their info may be a different model but much of the same component are used across models and years.

gordonsick 09-19-2020 12:21 PM

In addition to my manual and Oscar's Dragonship Blog, cited by Dave-G above, there is a generic Forest River manual at

When it comes to manuals for specific components, I download anything that is linked on this forum, as Dave suggested. I also find that component manufacturers make their product manuals available online. Cummins is a counterexample, since they regard selling their manual as a profit line.

For Freightliner Service and Owner's manuals, you might have to sign up for DTNAConnect with your VIN number. (DTNA stands for Daimler Trucks North America, of which Freightliner is a division). Go to DTNAConnect to create an account
When you have an account, go to PartsPro using the last six digits of you VIN.

The Chassis Maintenance Manual can be used online or as a downloadable PDF document. It is at https://dtnacontent-dtna.prd.freight....html?SM_USER=

Similarly, the Chassis Operator's Manual is at https://dtnacontent-dtna.prd.freight...m425v&SM_USER=

I can never remember how I get to these Freightliner documentation locations, but a few minutes of playing around DTNAConnect usually gets me there.

You can find out lots of useful and interesting information there. Whimsically, as a retired business professor, I'm happy to know that my coach has two MBAs. They are the front and rear axles ("Mercedes Benz Axles", I suppose.)


gordonsick 09-19-2020 08:45 PM

Another “manual” is the Freightliner Fireside Chat slides. Be careful not to order parts, particularly filters, using the part numbers in that Chat. I’ve got a bunch of useless filters that I bought after following their advice. PartsPro will keep you with the right parts.

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