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gosrgesr1 09-19-2020 08:27 PM

Cooling Down A 2020 311ML
We have a 2020 Artic Wolf 311ML with two 15k ACs the bedroom does Great with the AC on top of it but the rest of the rig Gets Smoking Hot we live out west and on 105 deg days you're lucky to get the back of the trailer down to 92-95 degs and that's w/two Fans going. Any Ideas Thanks'

SeaDog 09-20-2020 07:21 AM

welcome to the forum its a great place to get your questions answered. A good rule of thumb is to ensure your ACs are started prior to the inside reaching 80*. Next actually check the output of each AC if you are getting a 20* drop between return and outlet they are working correctly. Insure the inlets and outlets and vents are sealed correctly. And lastly you might want to make some reflex covers for the windows. good luck

tomkatb 09-20-2020 07:30 AM

We were in Houston last summer.

Saw over 105 several days.

Or 37’ fifth wheel with to 15k ac units would maintain below 80 degrees at the peak temps.

So, yours should.

You need a good meat thermometer or ir gun to check the ac outlet temps as near the unit as you can. Should be the same. 20 degrees cooler than the 105.

ChrisMoore 09-21-2020 06:35 AM

you may want to check your duct work. The air units need to be sealed tight from the intake to the outlet side and be sure you tape from your unit to your duct work is open. Had problem with both on mine. Cleaned it up, no more cooling issues

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