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hugh89 09-21-2020 12:41 PM

Manitoba camping
We sold our 1978 Taurus 18' at the start of summer and it took all of 15 minutes, the guy on the phone lived 130 miles away and said consider it sold based on just the description and the pictures. Then we got real lucky, a trip to the local Shasta dealer and we got the last Shasta 18BH they had in stock. Turned out camping had gotten real popular. At first we were only supposed to go camping in our province, it later opened up to parts of Ontario, and Sask and Alberta. Now that it,s mid Sept most of our provincial campgrounds are either closed or will be closing over the next few weeks. Being in the middle of Canada and with no other major cities close by we,ve been fairly lucky with not an overwhelming number of cases of Covid. The wife and I are both retired and in fairly good health but we wear mask,s when out shopping and I can for sure say I have never in my life washed my hands as much as these past few month,s. Stay safe and happy camping to all.:)

kenandterry 09-21-2020 01:13 PM

The slogan on Ontario license plates is....


We’ve been out camping in the province almost steady since July......lots of places were only given the “all clear signal to open” in June, so there’s time to make up for.
Lots of places we’ve never seen and because we downsized, lots of friends we’ve socially distanced by driveway camping. :trink39:

BTW.....we’re camping on the shores of the St. Lawrence River as I send this.

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