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Karter 09-27-2020 12:49 PM

Generator alert help
I am getting a "generator alert" screen. My generator has 80 hours on it and is exercised monthly, actually much more exercise that use. It starts easily but then shuts down and I get the alert on my screen. Does anyone have any ideas what I might check to resolve this issue before trying to find " an authorized Onan Cummings repair service" as the owner's manual suggests?

kenandterry 09-27-2020 01:02 PM

Check the oil level carefully. Some units will **** down if the level is considered to be low to protect itself from damage. Hows the air filter?

Karter 09-27-2020 01:04 PM

Checked both, they are fine

CHICKDOE 09-27-2020 03:17 PM

Im assuming the error message on the screen is on some type of multifunction control screen. What error code is the generator itself flashing?

rsdata 09-27-2020 04:00 PM

I know my home generator is touchy on the oil... it starts than shuts down within about 10 seconds. Finally figured out that the oil has to be at the very top for it to stay running. If your rig is slightly off level perhaps it just needs a touch more oil if it is down any at all.

retired on a mountain 09-30-2020 01:15 PM

Generator alert help
Might check the breaker on the generator you need to remove cover to see it. Also do you have 1/4 tank of gas or more.

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