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6CatDaddy 09-27-2020 04:11 PM

Cable tv hookup
Could get out the manual, but...

Staying at a KOA park. Unusual for us, primarily we only stay at State Parks.

Question, at the electric supply on campsite there is a cable for cable tv.

We have never used that hookup on our campers. Our 2020 2205s MiniLite has the one location for all the water hookups and it has 2 cable connections. In the plastic plate on the trailer wall under the cable connections, one says Titus T1, the other says B&B Molders.

Which one do you use for cable tv? And what is the other, satellite tv dish hookup?

Thanks for any info!

cplasters 09-27-2020 05:32 PM

On our 2109s, left is cable right is satellite. If you connect to left, make sure the Winegaurd button is not pressed. If you hook to the right move the cable on the wall plate to the satellite connection.

eye95 09-27-2020 06:20 PM

Donít believe any labels. Try one hookup. If it doesnít work, try another. On our r-pod, we have to connect the cable TV to the satellite hookup to get it to work.

Go figger.

JRBME 09-27-2020 08:41 PM

We have a similar situation (without resolution).
Our 31V has 'cable' and 'satellite' connectors in the exterior connection owned. Plainly labeled.
The 'satellite' connector works for both Directv and cable.
The 'cable' connector does nothing. It reads as a completed circuit, but does not function.
The interior coax plate has 'aux' and 'sat' marked on them.
Tried these parade 'TV antenna' amp plate and get only OTA signals. No matter the amp on or off. In the amp off position, no signal. Amp on and generally have some local OTA broadcast channels.
Correct me here, but the 'aux' connector connects to other areas of the camper? We have 3 accessory outlets in various areas that I've never used. Interestingly, there is a circuit showing between these various f connectors. There's also a component plate (red/w/y) that probably connects to the radio?
I cannot find a 31V specific manual that describes the various functions of the system.
I'm guessing it's wired incorrectly. When new, found the ceiling 'sat' f input lead loose due to a bad crimp. That fix corrected the 'sat' function.
Apologies for the epistle. I'm "subscribing" to see what ideas are produced.

6CatDaddy 09-29-2020 01:15 AM

Thanks folks for taking the time to post!!

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