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lgharis 09-28-2020 07:14 AM

Fixing a roof that rises unevenly - check roof latches before raising!
The last two times I have been camping I have had issues. The safety post would not fit on one end and the door didn't fit correctly.

When I got home from the last trip I was attempting to adjust the limit switches. While raising the roof I noticed the front coming up before the back of the roof. There was 3 inches of difference when the front was raised to where the green cable was fully stretched.

After some searching I found the adjustment at the rear on the frame to tighten the cable connected to the pulley. I noticed the frame where the adjustment rod connects was bent. Even after adjusting the nuts as far as possible the difference was still over an inch in height between front and back of the roof.

With the help of a neighbor, a hydraulic bottle jack and a piece of 2x4 cut to length we were able to push the frame back out to allow for more adjustment. I still need to confirm I get safety posts in on front and rear but the difference in heights is only 1/4" or less.

But what caused the frame to bend? After thinking for a while I remembered running the roof winch but I had not released the latches on the rear of the roof. The winch cable and the winch motor are stronger than the frame so it pulled the frame toward the front of the popup. I caused the problem!

CHECK ALL LATCHES BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO RAISE ROOF! It's a hard lesson I will not soon forget.


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