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Zeus1972 09-28-2020 11:58 AM

2007 Roo
So we are getting ready to put the camper away for the season :( I will miss camping thats for sure but already counting down the days til next season. My question is the bed door as I am seeing now that we keep it open its no longer getting wet so it must leak around the seal is a good guess. We have an estimate around $2200 to replace the bed door. Has anyone ever done this themselves or should we just bite the bullet and let the company do the work. We have been having our son sleep on this bed since he is much lighter than us. Any thoughts or opinions are welcome. The water damage is along the bottom edge of the door and the cables that hold the weight and support the door are at the top of the door where the wood is still solid.

rsdata 09-28-2020 12:25 PM

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If you start scrolling back thru this same forum Roo/Shamrock, you will see a number of posts regarding replacing just the seals and replacing the bunk door. Some have did it themselves, others had it done. Keep going pretty far back.

You have a pre-2013 door with top locks which is different from the later models.

You will find that the shipping charge is what gets you, but again you will read ideas on how to get a door with a dealer shipment.

Have you thought about trying to harden the wood/laminate and maybe adding something to support the hinge area?

Although not specific to the bunk door, I have had good success using these two products around my home. The second picture of the 4 components include the 2 part epoxy wood substitute to fill in gaps in anything missing, while the liquid will harden soft wood areas. Use that in conjunction with the wood hardner.

Zeus1972 09-28-2020 12:37 PM

bed end
I was actually considering either something like this. Or reinforce the hinges, put down a piece of plywood inside to lay on and replace the seals to prevent more leaking at least until we come up with the money to replace the bed door. Just wasn't sure if that would work but maybe just maybe it will.

Chuck_S 09-28-2020 08:45 PM

If you can get a guaranteed bed door replacement for $2200 jump on it. Guaranteed that it won't leak or break. The door itself is probably $700 (guess). No 2007 decals available but the new ones look good.

-- Chuck

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