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DougMcC 09-28-2020 08:57 PM

Our own Ground Hog day with the odometer
We have a 2014 Berkshire 400QL diesel Motorhome. 2 weeks ago the odometer stopped at 40349. Upon recommendation from the shop that usually does our chassis work, we took it to a shop that deals with speedometers & electronics. (We have used them before in another vehicle). They replaced the computer module and, following a test drive, called to say it was repaired. Upon picking it up, it was at 40349, but did change as we drove home. Yeah, all good. Not! Got in the next day to head out camping - back to 40349. Went about 70 miles, all registered. Started up to come home - back to 40349!! Before module was replaced it was actually stuck at that number. Now it actually shows the mileage traveled, but resets when turned off and back on. Trip mileage works ok. Anyone ever run into this?

retired on a mountain 09-30-2020 08:44 PM

I had a Lincoln continental same thing dealer tried everything a few times but nothing worked. Sometimes it would be say 90000 miles sometimes 14000. They took it back on trade

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