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Blallen58 10-24-2020 09:14 AM

Prepare the Home
We all have our list of must have's for our RV's/Motorhomes while we prepare for a camping trip. I am starting early because I am going to embark on an extended trip next year.
So I am wondering what kind of suggestion do the more experienced have with preparing you home base for an extended leave of absence.

Such as, since I live in hurricane ally I would put up window shutters, pick up any items that might fly off in the yard.

What are your suggestions that you do before you leave your house for a long time?

cboss 10-24-2020 09:33 AM

Here's our "Leave Home Checklist" We do a six month winter trip each year and a nine month trip every three years. DW also covers almost everything with sheets.

o Stake Driveway
o Clean Lawn Mower
o Remove A/C from windows
o All plugs out
o Car on Charger
o Set Heat Thermostat/change batteries
o Drain Water
o Stow Garage Hose
o Close Basement Door
o Clean Fireplace
o All Batteries Out
o Mouse deterrents In
o Lock All Windows
o Mail Stuff to Neighbor
o Guns Stowed/locked
o Anti-Freeze in Toilets and Drains
o Shower Valves Drained
o Replace Garage Opener Batteries
o Propane OFF
o Well Pump - OFF

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