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welly 10-28-2020 06:21 PM

Winch input please!!
Hi folks...Owner of a 2006 Flagstaff Pop up 205- I am about t replace my electric winch as it has broken down on me. Does anyone recommend going manual or should i stick with electric Carefree (P92001) 12V Pop-Up Folding Camper Lift?
Its about $550CDN on Amazon. The manual is about $150...

Thanks for the feedback.

Victoria bc

rourky80 10-29-2020 06:58 AM

How did it break down? there are often small fixes that can be done. For example when I bought mine, we knew the electric lift didn't work, and I would need to replace or repair. I found that it was just a 50Amp spade fuse all wrapped in tape underneath that was the only issue. Replaced it and have been using it without issue for the last 4 years since.

What are the symptoms?

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