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Tradclimber 12-20-2020 11:57 PM

How do you keep your Travel Trailer SECURE?
We recently purchased a Wildwood X-Lite 233RBXL. This is a huge move for us as we had a 12 foot tear-drop trailer for 12 years before the "big one". Our tear drop fit very nicely in our rented storage unit. I never worried about someone stealing it. NOW, our new trailer is a bit bigger and, although it is in a pretty secure storage area on our mobile home parks' property, I worry about someone hitching it up at nite and driving off. I do have a Fastway Fortress coupler hitch lock -not the greatest I think but it is what was available at the moment. I know there are other locks that would be better and I am looking at them. I am also looking at "boots", and GPS trackers (at least I might be able to find the trailer once it is gone). I am very aware that if a thief wants to steal your stuff badly, they WILL do it.
I am NOT starting this thread for folks to chime in on what they think is the best product out there - other threads have done this quite well, I believe. AND, we do not have to get into a discussion about what is good or bad about each device - not looking for opinions here......
What I DO want to hear from folks is:

1. Have you had a travel trailer with some type of security device (GPS tracker, Boot, Coupler lock, other) on it that someone ATTEMPTED to steal and was thwarted by your device?

I would love to hear what actually worked and what didn't.
Thanking you all in advance - Ben

rjshiflet 12-21-2020 07:08 AM

My philosophy has always been "make mine a little bit harder to steal than the guy next to me".

To answer your question - "No". We have been RVing since 2001 and never had any attempts at stealing or breaking into our RVs. We keep our fifth wheel at home (on our 5 acres behind a fence and electronic gate/keypad entrance) but when we are traveling I simply use a fifth wheel tripod and put a lock on that.

We never worry about leaving our trailer at an RV park while we roam around, go fishing, sight-seeing, shopping, etc.

And, we do carry very good insurance on it.

aceinspp 12-21-2020 07:56 AM

Been RVing for 26 years and never had a problem. I also keep my camper at the house. Never worry about it at a camp ground. However one other thing to consider is putting chain through wheel to wheel and use a good lock. Later RJD

quicky06 12-21-2020 08:22 AM

The truth of the matter is you cannot stop Simone from stealing it. You can only slow them down.

I keep a padlock in the hitch. I also installed a battery disconnect thatís in a locked compartment. This will slow them down enough if they donít know what they are doing.

I used to keep mine at the house. Now itís in storage 45 min away at a state park storage lot. Itís an off road park. Most people do not know that there is even a storage lot there. Have to go through two gates to get there.

I figure mine will be the last to me stolen as nearly every other trailer there doesnít even have a lock on the hitch.

upflying 12-21-2020 09:35 AM

Insurance offers the only peace of mind when theft happens.

Jim34RL 12-21-2020 09:54 AM

I have been RV'ing before the trend was trendy. Started back in the 70's with two pop-ups that were very easy to hook-up and steal. Then we moved on to three different 5er's, that are were stored in a storage yard about 15 miles from home. The lot is secured with fences and a keypad gate entrance plus cameras, but that is all of the security I have had on my current 5er and past one's.

I have never placed any type of locking device on the RV's. If someone want the trailer a lock won't stop them. Just do a u-tube video on how to defat a lock device on a trailer. In some cases, the lock was removed in under 5 min's and some even faster.

Insurance is your only protection so, make sure that the RV is insured correctly.

Tradclimber 12-21-2020 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by upflying (Post 2468504)
Insurance offers the only peace of mind when theft happens.

That pretty much is true, for sure. ANY lock can be "removed" given enough time and know-how......
Thanks all for your comments. Hope someone out there can share an "almost taken" story............

Dsimes 12-21-2020 01:44 PM

Let me first say that making it 100% secure is an illusion at best. If someone wants what you have they will figure out a way to steal it. Having said that; like another person said further up the thread. Try to make yours more secure than the next guy.
I use a hitch lock and latch lock on our trailer, wheel chocks on both sides of the tires covered by tire covers and our pup is stored in a secure storage lot. Even that is a bit of an illusion because anyone with a code to get into their storage unit allows them full access to the whole property. The property does have camera surveillance all over the property though so that is good and the manager lives on site which is also good.
Bottom line is you can only do your best to secure your property and hope it is enough.

My wife and I are actually tossing around the idea of building inside storage for recreation vehicles in our area which is in high demand.

AAparicio 12-21-2020 01:48 PM

Trailer Lock
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Go to
They make some great locks. Gives me a little peace of mind.

Dsimes 12-21-2020 01:50 PM


Originally Posted by AAparicio (Post 2468596)
Go to
They make some great locks. Gives me a little peace of mind.

That is an awesome hitch lock!

Reverse_snowbird 12-21-2020 01:55 PM

It's impossible to know if the locks we had on the trailer prevented it from being stolen. Your best defense is where you have it stored. Secure storage at a mobile home park mean more eyes looking out for thieves.

A while back we had a trucker recommend putting a cheap cell phone in the rig to use as a tracker. No idea if it works.

As stated... insurance is your best defense against the loss of a stolen trailer.

kluza2786 12-21-2020 02:44 PM

From what I’ve seen and read, you’re probably more likely to lose your propane tank, bbq grill, battery, or other contents than the entire trailer. Hitch locks might slow a thief down but I’ve heard stories of someone throwing a chain around the a-frame and dragging the trailer off. The idea of running a chain around the tires might slow it down also. I HATE having to deal with thieves.

rfifer 12-21-2020 03:34 PM

Because of exposure to severe weather, I had a failure of the internal lock mechanism on my Trimax premium hitch lock. Water got inside the key access and rusted out an internal part such that my key would not unlock it. I came to the conclusion that I would need to hacksaw the bracket that surrounds the top of the hitch receiver. After sawing for the better part of an hour, I did not even make a dent in the hardened steel bracket. I had to use an angle grinder to cut it off. Even though I had a key access failure, I bought another one because I was impressed at how hard it was to cut through the bracket. I am also now careful to push up the little protective slide that covers the key insert to keep water out of the internal lock. The bottom line is that a hacksaw or bolt cutter would not even begin to cut through the steel bracket over the hitch receiver. The angle grinder went through it like a knife through butter. So, if someone really wanted to break it and steal the trailer, they would need an angle grinder to do so. Anything less will simply keep a "somewhat dishonest person honest."

Wilco 12-21-2020 03:35 PM

Lock the wheels
If you are really concerned, padlock a heavy chain through the spokes of the wheels on one or both sides of the trailer. It will lock up the wheels when they try to pull it.

Villagerjjm 12-21-2020 03:58 PM

Just a simple padlock to make the latch more difficult, that is all. Our trailer is in a storage yard that is fenced in, security gate with cameras that activate to take photos of vehicles and plates and a patrol car that comes in every 1 to 2 intervals. We did have a pigtail hose for the propane taken once... nothing else.

kluza2786 12-21-2020 04:05 PM

Just had an incident this week where catalytic converters were stolen from 2 vehicles on WalMart parking lot (2 different stores about 8 miles apart) during daylight hours. Security cameras got the license plate numbers but the plates had been stolen from another vehicle. The bottom line is that a determined thief WILL get what heís after. As someone already said, all you can do is make yours more difficult than someone elseís. In these days of battery operated saws, angle grinders, etc. I donít think thereís any sure-fire prevention.

pgandw 12-21-2020 04:15 PM

There is no way of knowing how many thieves a lock deters.

The only data points you have are: 1) actual theft - deterrent didn't work. and 2) thief gave up - marks of attempted theft, but RV is still there.

And in the second case - which I believe to be pretty rare - you don't know what made the thief give up - unless there are saw or cut marks on your lock. Like I said pretty rare.

As was said, I think battery theft or electronics theft is much more likely than towing the whole thing off. Towing the whole thing off requires a little forethought as to what you are going to do with the unit once you've towed it off. As a crook, the last thing you want is to be saying to yourself, "Now what?" as you are driving an easily identified, difficult to sell without a title, rig down the road. Even cars and trucks are usually stolen for parts, not for resale intact. For that reason alone, it's very unlikely to be a spur of the moment crime. For a planned theft, common deterrents would be pretty useless.

Batteries or electronics are a lot easier to dispose of and monetize.

Just my thoughts, I don't have any personal experience. My batteries are in a locked metal box, simply because that's what the dealer gave me. No electronics inside besides the worthless Furrion stereo. Microwave is worth a whole $35, and you have to remove 4 screws, plus break into the camper. I put a padlock on the hitch to prevent accidental unlatching while towing, it stays in place while camping. And I lock storage compartments and the camper door while gone for the day at the campground. Our A-frame stores in the garage at home.

Most of the thefts I read about here on the forums are about batteries.

Fred W
2019 Flagstaff T21TBHW A-frame
2008 Hyundai Entourage minivan
camping Colorado and adjacent states one weekend at a time

Cabinfever97 12-21-2020 05:26 PM

Having a Hensley Hitch would increase the chance of a thief moving on to a different TT. We have never had anything stolen. Camper is parked at home. Never lost anything camping and there are times our canoe with trolling motor, stabilizers, battery, and trolling motor are just under the side of the camper. Lived in our old TT for 3 months while we built our home. Nothing lost in those 3 months either.

D W 12-21-2020 06:22 PM

I know of a lot of people who store their towables in public storage due to HOA restrictions. The put their rigs on blocks, remove the wheels and take them home.

UT_Grandpa 12-22-2020 07:51 AM

CH751 lock - get rid of them
Nearly every trailer made uses the same key for the outside storage - a CH751. So every trailer owner can open your locked outside doors. There are companies that make replacement storage locks that match your door key so you only have to have one key for your trailer.

Not a bad investment for a few bucks per lock.

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