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EastCoast 05-16-2012 02:48 PM

Newbie with Weird Generator Problem!
Just getting ready to head out on our maiden voyage in our new-to-us 2004 Georgetown and have realized that the 5500 Onan genset has an intermittent problem.
Fairly frequently the light will come on in the start switch and the meter starts clicking hours but the generator is not running, nor will it start. Pushing the switch does nothing yet the light stays on and the meter keeps clicking.
The only way I can get the light to go out (it is on with both the dash switch and the switch on the genset) is to kill the coach power or go around to the generator, pop off the cover and unplug the big connector on the left hand side (7 wires?).
A day or two later I might try it and it works fine.
I have tried unplugging the switches one at a time - no difference. I have removed and checked the switches with an ohm meter and they appear to be functioning correctly.
I've removed the plastic cover that has the generator switch mounted on it (along with two circuit breakers) and looked for chafed wires, loose connections, etc and see nothing.
I would appreciate advice from those more knowledgeable than I!

VinceU 06-08-2012 02:43 PM

Here's a guess that will require some drawing research and in place searching. From your description it would appear to be a "run sense relay" or circuit board equivalent. The genset senses run condition and informs you via the white power avail light, and energizes the timer. This is why I suspect it's a relay sticking in on mode. The relay is picked up by the 120 VAC and closes contacts for 12 VDC light. Relay can be socket mounted or soldered to a PCB.

EastCoast 06-10-2012 07:31 AM

Thanks VinceU. I've been picking away at this problem with the help of my brother-in-law.
A couple of times we've found bad connections and thought it was fixed but the problem came back. A couple of weeks ago however we discovered a bread bag tie (one with a wire running through the middle of it) that appeared to have been shoved in a connector that is described in the Onan manual as a test plug. The connector was located at about the midpoint of the chassis.
We have no idea what the purpose of this was but it looked like something that could have caused an intermittent short.
We've pulled it out and I have now gone more than 2 weeks without a problem.
Coincidence perhaps but only time will tell!

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