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Jbarnes 04-29-2022 08:45 PM

Alta 2350 Satellite Connection
Iím fairly good with audio visual type stuff but this satellite connection has me baffled. Purchased a Dish Wally receiver and King dual receiver. Things work great with the coax connected directly from the Wally receiver to the dish. Iíve found an orange coax cable behind the TV. There was no slack in it so I connected a coax F type connector where itís at behind the TV and ran it to our shelf under the televator. I connect the dish to the right hand coax connector in the wet bay where itís labeled cable/satellite. Iíve got the button on the over the air antenna switched to off. I still get no connection from the Wally to the dish. No light and it wonít get a signal like I do connected directly. I pulled the dual coax connection from the wall in the wet bay. Thereís a white coax cable on the left side and orange on the right side and both connected snugly. Iím at a loss as to what Iím doing incorrectly. I read somewhere that the satellite connection comes through the orange coax cable. Either Iím missing something or the wiring is messed up in the camper. Any help would be greatly appreciated. First time Iíve hooked up a satellite in a camper but had one for years in the house. Iím confused and frustrated. 😀

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