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Beausdog 07-07-2012 11:24 PM

Fridge not working right
Ok, I have a Domestic 2852 installed in my 365SAQ. After having FR work on my blown converter, they did a check and everything was working. I left Indiana and stopped in Ohio for the night. While there we noticed the fridge was getting warmer. In the morning, I checked the panel behind the fridge and saw that the 5A was blown. I replaced the fuse before I left OH. However, when I did replace it (I was not hooked up to any power) I did hear the gas ignite and thought all was good to go. Throughout my trip back to VA, I checked several times and still did not appear to be working. It didnt sound like anything was running at all, not even the burner (but check light was not on either). After hooking up to 30 Amps in VA, I can hear the fridge running (both in auto electric mode and if I switch to gas only I can hear the burner kick on). The fridge does not appear to be getting any colder though, and am in danger of losing my frozen foods now as some are getting thawed. There are lights on in the fridge and on the top as well, so power is good (as i can also hear the fridge running) but im running plum out of ideas to look at. Anyone have any similar issues or know the resolve for this? :crying:

LadyWindrider 07-08-2012 11:20 AM

If it has the little white tab on the fins, slide the tab up some, that is the temp control, the higher on the fin, the colder the fridge is.

sherdep 07-08-2012 11:36 AM

the fridge in your 2013 - never seen one go bad so soon but is always possible
just htrowing ideas out there to help.

Might be worth a shot to call Dometic with a good explination of what it happening.
The fridge requires 12v to run so maybe the battery isnt holding a charge or you have the battery shut off in the off position.

Might be worth to get a Cooler and pack it with ice in case you think the fridge is going south.

you say the fridge works on 110 but not on gas?
if that is the case - could be a problem with no gas, low gas, bad pigtail.

Beausdog 07-08-2012 07:39 PM

Thanks, I emailed a service request from a dealer close by to look at it. As of this morning I had no luck on AC power. As a last ditch effort I tried gas again, and this time it lit and got cold now. So with that, I am leaving it on propane as something in the power/control board probably went out. My best guess is, that the fridge is recognizing power on the auto mode but something is wrong after that point (which is why its not switching to propane). With the gas switch the propane finally kicked it up and got cold. So now I know the cooling element is good which to this point now, I have eliminated the cooling unit, thermofuse, and both the 3A and 5A fuses in the panel. So only thing left is the AC portion of the control board. Good side to this is, now im not in a huge rush for an appointment to get it fixed as I can keep it on propane. :thumbsup:

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