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Jayhawk 07-24-2012 10:17 PM

PDI Inspection
The following is a copy of a post I made earlier today that I thought may be useful to the motorhome team.

A mistake people often make is rushing through the PDI. The last three RVs I bought the wife and I used a checklist that I downloaded from the internet. You should always schedule the PDI for first thing in the morning and allow enough time for the PDI to where you feel comfortable that the RV is ready to be used. If the PDI last all day, so what, one dealer bought us lunch during the PDI. One motorhome I bought the wife and I spent the night in the coach before we would agree to the PDI. Don't think about imposing on the dealership, it's your money. If you leave the dealership lot happy customer the dealer will also be happy. It's always best to be a happy camper!

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