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Todddob 10-28-2008 11:12 PM

Hi I have a Puma 28BHS and over the winter I am considering buying a generator. How many watts do I need to get to run my A/C? I am thinking of buying a Yamaha or Honda, any suggestions?:trink36:

TravelSoftballDad 10-29-2008 05:23 AM

I bought the Champion ( ) from Kragen. This is a great deal with a rebate of $150.00. I paid $349 at the store, so when rebate comes, final price will be about $199.00. I've heard if you buy on-line and pick up in store the price is $299.00 with the same $150.00 rebate making the final $149.00 ( ). If I had the $$$, I would go with the dual Honda EU2000i set-up, but this will do just fine for me.

I would really like to perm attach it up from near the tanks, but there is not much room up there on my Salem 26TBSS. So I'm really thinking about this neat little mod ( ).

KyDan 10-29-2008 07:12 AM

Your link to partsamerica doesn't work.

I'm curious-- have you tried this generator and do you know it will successfully
power your AC unit????
I've never heard of a generator for $200 or even $400 that could start the
compressor on a hot AC unit.
Start amps are typically 4 or 5 times the run amps. This is the problem with
generators and AC units.
Just curious for a little more info.....

dimurrrw 10-29-2008 08:50 AM

Which generator to buy, and what size, is one of those debates that has been going on forever. I like both Honda and Yamaha, but that is a matter of personal preference. For portability and versatility reasons I prefer two smaller generators linked together. Without going overboard, I suspect that about 4,000 watts will take care of your needs. I see you live in Louisville. It gets cold there and I'm sure extended power outages happen from tiime to time. So consider whatever you buy as a potential backup power source for your house - at least to the extent of being able to power your refrigerator and give you minimal lighting. If you have gas heat you might also be able to run your furnace fan.

TravelSoftballDad 10-30-2008 03:55 AM

Sorry about the link. Here is the one I got:

Yes...we have used it several times and it works great. With that said, I mean the TV and misc lights are on and AC starts and runs on gen power with ease. I have NOT tried to run the microwave (huge power hog) at the same time as AC.

If you have the coin, the Honda 3000eu or dual Honda 2000i's (with patch cord) will work and are nice and quiet; no problems at most campgrounds. Also safest should you be running a lap-top or the like.

If you're like me (without the luxury of extra $$$) and only use generator in parking lots at sporting events (like daughter's travel softball or son's football), you can get away with a Champion 4000. Just a little loud in comparison with the Honda's gold standard. I have not seen that price recently (I scored !!), but have seen them routinely for $249.00 - $299.00 after rebate.

A buddy has the Kipor 3500 and it'll start and run the AC, but at AC start-up, it is maxed out. Meaning, if TV is on and AC tries to start, the TV will shut off...prolly not good on the TV and/or any other sensative electronics.

You'll need to figure out how much you will be dry-camping (no hook-ups) and where you will doing this. State campgrounds and loud generators don't mix. However, I have learned that most think they will do more of this type of camping than they actually get to. ;-(

Let us know what you go with and how much you paid.

KyDan 10-30-2008 06:23 AM

OK thanks!
FYI, I am not in the market for a generator but was really curious.
I didn't realize you could get a generator of any kind (loud or quiet) that
would run the roof AC for under $400.

Bulldog66 10-30-2008 08:08 PM

I found a Powermate 8500w, 13hp Honda- 8 gallon fuel tank generator on Craigslist for 500.00

It was literally brand new. The muffler hadn't burnt the protective coating (oil'd from factory) off yet.

It's probably more than I need - I couldn't pass up that price though. I can run everything in the camper at the same time and still have enough to power my wire feed welder or compressor if needed.

Search Craigslist before you buy.There's some damn good deals there.

moorer2 02-15-2009 10:57 PM

I just bought the Champion 4000/3500W C46540 and it will run the AC just fine. It was mainly purchased for use during travel as we camp with hookups most of the time. I'm looking forward to trying it out.

bikendan 02-16-2009 03:01 AM


Originally Posted by Todddob (Post 21845)
Hi I have a Puma 28BHS and over the winter I am considering buying a generator. How many watts do I need to get to run my A/C? I am thinking of buying a Yamaha or Honda, any suggestions?:trink36:

it's a good thing you didn't ask this question on the forums! asking generator questions spark a lot of discussion. the thread on generators like the Champion is over 700 pages long.

is your a/c 15k or 13.5k? do you have one or two. if it's one 13.5k a/c, the Yamaha 2400 will run most of that size. i guessing that yours probably has a 15k a/c.
if it's 15k, then you'll need more juice. the Champion is the most popular of cheaper Chinese gennies. it's louder than the Honda/Yamaha ones but quieter than other Chinese or contractor gennies. the 3500/4000 watt with the 30 amp RV outlet is the most popular but weighs 100lbs.
but it's about 10db's louder than the H/Y gennies which is quite a lot.

as was said, the best setup is two Honda 2000 with a parallel kit. they weigh only 46lbs. each and if you don't need a/c, you only have to take one of them. but that's going to run around $2000.
there are some newer and cheaper inverter generators coming out. the Boliy 3600i has been out for a while and weighs around 70lbs. most feedback is positive and they run around $990.

rockwood06 02-16-2009 06:25 AM

According to the spec sheet I have on Dometic A/C units is that It dose not matter if the unit Is a 13,500 or a 15,000 BTU unit, Dometic requires as a min of a 3.5 KW generator. The only two things that would need more power is the type of Compressor and the two speed fan. The big difference that one can see is the size of the coils, the 15,000 BTU unit has more coil surface to remove more heat and the fan speed in CFM's is design to to match the coil surface and the pitch of the fan blades or squirrel cage. It would be good to get the model number and that way you can refer to the spec sheet on your unit. If a generator is not maintained on a regular bases and they are used In high altitudes they can loose power and in the past unless Dometic has changed, there units can not handle a power drop In most cases, what happens is that the capacitor on the control board will burn out then the control board has to be replaced. The last time it happen here at work the capacitor not only burnt the board but It also burned up the wiring, we had to replace the whole unit at $795.00 for a 13,500 BTU unit, that price is just for the A/C unit. We are getting ready to replace another one now, but the problem with this one is that the fan motor bracket broke this one is repairable as long as there is no damage to the fan housing.

MREZ 02-16-2009 09:46 AM

I have a champ 3200 for the $ you cant beat it 67 dbs , the honda and yami 58 dbs that says it all

slpybeartx 02-16-2009 02:00 PM

I have posted a couple of threads about the Champion on here... I am definitely a believer.

If you can afford the twin Honda 2000 then I say go for it. But for about 12% of the price, you can't go wrong with a Champion.

One year later... still lovin it!

Price is $299 at TSC... in stock at my local store.

bikendan 02-18-2009 04:43 AM

i can run my 13.5 Dometic a/c with my Honda 2000. of course, it probably won't at elevation. but i camp a lot along the coast and it works fine, as long as everything is off.

and a 9-10db difference may not seem like a lot but decibels are logarithymic. i'm not sure but i believe that 10dbs is around 3x louder.

rafcar 02-18-2009 10:39 AM

I just purchased a brand new Champion 3500w from TSC. I have not tried it out yet but I'm very curious to see how it performs and how it sounds. I was thinking about purchasing one of those Boliy's, which seem like a pretty desent deal for what they offer, but it would have still cost me over $700 more than this Champion. I could not justify spending the extra cash since we are really not planning to dry camp, but I wanted something for when we go to certain day events and there are no hook ups for the trailer. If I was thinking about camping with it a lot, it would have been a different story. Anyway, if anybody else out there has any experience with this Champion generator, I would love to hear your input. The price was $349 for this unit.

KyDan 02-18-2009 10:59 AM

My son bought a champion 35KW and right out of the crate it would not start.
He found the spark plug socket was shattered but it did not look like
shipping damage. He contacted the manufacturer for parts and so far nothing......
He's still waiting.
Hope yours starts but if I were you, I'd test it sooner rather than getting out
somewhere you need it and finding it won't run.
Good luck!

slpybeartx 02-18-2009 01:51 PM

As I said above in my post, no problems at all with the Champion here. Love the performance, fuel economy, and ease of just pulling out the plug and plugging it right in.

Here is a past thread that was informative....

TravelSoftballDad 02-18-2009 01:53 PM

Still love mine...running like a champ one year later. I paid $199.99 after rebate for the 4000 watt job.

dogman 02-18-2009 03:18 PM

As for the Champion generator; is it safe to run with electronics? I see that one of Honda and Yamaha selling points is that they have "true swine" or something like that. I would much rather spend 350.00 compared to the price of the Honda or Yamaha but I also dont want to end up having to buy new electronics becuase the generator blew them up.

Just getting anxious to buy all the neat new stuff for the new TT that I will get to pick up in a few weeks. If anyone has any suggestions as to things to get PM me.

KyDan 02-18-2009 03:58 PM

I was replying to RAFCAR who has a new champion but has not tried it yet.
It will probably be fine but he should give it a test run now rather than
waiting until he needs it one day and finding it's got a problem.

TravelSoftballDad 02-18-2009 05:24 PM

I have had no problems with laptop, TV, cell phones/chargers, etc. With that said, if you've got a significant investment in ANY of these items (ie: your entire work product or plans for the newest Super Mall is on your lappy) then the cost for a pure sine would be justified. If you have all that in one source (a lappy) without a second (off site) back-up, you're an idiot and deserve to have it melt anyway.

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